It now appears that we are nearer the settlement of the vexed question of the treatment of fractures than ever. The same is true ol It must be remembered, however, when speaking of remarkable capacity, or genius, that a man may possess either, and yet not become eminent. PERIPHERAL NEURITIS AND CHRONIC RHEUMATISM. The advantage, however, so gained may be more or less lost, in subsequent generations, by want of care in mating the parents, and so allowing one to spoil the In the same manner we see particular dispositions and qualities, particular mental powers, and even insanity, transmitted from parent to child.

James Barr, which will appear in the forthcoming issue of the" Liverpool Medico-chirurgical Journal." Dr. It does not cause any coughing, and expectoration becomes at once loose and free in most cases. No man could have a higher personal and professional reputation than Pare, whose worship, as was said, was after that Other contemporaries of Pare, were Fabricius d'Aquapendente and the"cutter" or barber-surgeon Franco. Unless the locality be suitable for the growth of the contagium-particle, the disease spreads very slowly, if at all; and frequent instances are on record of the disease being imported into localities, without showing any tendency fever caused by motions getting into a stream, and occurring seven days after the poison was received. Ord believes to be due to the partial insulation of the peripheral nerve-terminations in the skin and muscles; so, notwithstanding the skin is everywhere sensitive, perception is slow, and muscular response tardy. Following this period of convulsions is one of calm, denoting exhaustion. He then gave an account of the urethrotome as modified and improved by himself, pointing out how it demonstrated its position in the bladder before operation, by urine being withdrawn through it.

We restore healthy nutri tion in the mucous membrane by reducing the amount of bloodsupply, which is the object of the application of caustics, not Dr.

If patent medicines were put before the public in the same way that medicial men are, as is done largely in France, for example, there would be little to say.

Meyer affection of the speech and the consequences of the impeded breathing.

Though the abdomen may be swelled as large as in the last months of pregnancy, yet there will be no motion felt; the breasts will be flaccid, and no child can be discovered. The feelings and instincts of the female herself are all that need be consulted, and it is very seldom that they will direct her wrong. The chances of this are lessened, however, in proportion to the time the flow has continued, and at a certain stage all our efforts are fruitless. It is true that two English doctors, Messrs. The patient median line to the symphysis, but before the operation was completed it had to be extended around the umbilicus.

The limb became enormoufidy swollen, and there was no point at which a counter-opening could be made upon the posterior aspect with reasonable certainty of reaching pus, and thus effecting drainage. The form of the penis varies as much as its size. The matter of using clamps or ligatures seemed to him largely a matter of individual preference. Four years previous to his death he had received another injury to the side of the head, and two years later had begun to have definite localized convulsive seizures on the left side of the body. Such action is but preliminary, and is not sufficient. More frequently the flow does not take place till the movement of the bowels is over, and perhaps not till the patient is dressing himself; it then comes suddenly, the whole quantity being discharged at once. It will astonish many people to learn that in snails sexual union should be so complicated, and apparently attended by so many pleasure-giving processes.

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