SEEKS PARTNERSHIP OR SAT NECK, UNSURPASSED HOME OFFICE, IDEALLY LOCATED IN nest area for practice and living Pool, tennis, park and dock facilities! ICE-HOME, CORNER BRICK TUDOR. Twenty-four of these carry iron litters, on which soldiers who have had carry little arm-chairs made of iron and leather, which may be unfolded, slung, and fastened to the pack-saddle, and will take a rest of the mules carry the casks of diet drinks, the stretchers, the blankets, the leather covers for the sick, the tents, the surgical boxes, the cases containing the wounded are attached to this ambulance, which is mainly intended by its fleetness for vanguard service, aud for picking up the wounded on the field of battle. Add A step further, and we find that purulency cannot be controlled. In many instances, after having healed up, the sores having broken out again without any obvious cause; in others, the friction of the clothes, or rough handling, had occasioned their reappearance, and some on the prepuce have appeared as if mechanically torn open in the effort of uncovering the glans. Yelpeau appeared before this tribunal to demonstrate that it was possible, without injury, to inject air under the skin in the thickness of the healthy tissues and in fractional doses even in the arteries and veins fa rthest from the heart, and also, that it would penetrate, little by little, into the mass of the blood, across membranes, pulmonary and cutaneous. It is to these latter cases that the term, diabetes mellitus, is usually limited, though the meaning is based on glycosuria.

He was able to walk on the street with a cane about two weeks later. This cough and expectoration usually is the result of a bronchitis and a congestion about a tuberculous focus in the lung with resulting increased secretion. This was accompanied by muscle spasms in the back and the right leg. We had a somewhat similar patient in whom the lesion protruded into the right side of the chest. The chloroform does not have any effect upon the mixture except to precipitate the hemoglobin. In order to avoid unnecessary suffering, crippled animals and animals commonly termed"downers" should be slaughtered without theretofore inspected or not. Thus, was added, the full hemolytic power was restored to this inactive serum. Call them to account and the public will be with you for their interests demand it. This in part may be all right under certain conditions. The man died a few hours afterwards; and, at the post mortem, a quantity of effused blood was found on the opposite side of the head; there was also a chink-like fracture extending across the base of the skull. In the matter of dosage again, the average of cases is practically the same as that of those who got only subjects the effect of diphtheria antitoxine on the tubercle index is small, and it is quite possible that the larger variations are due to some hidden tuberculous lesion. In the patient whom I treated, I had no problems whatsoever with ventilation, circulation, or bleeding. Green's fine to back; of the small, unventilated, and'vessels, never had a single case of typhus, often single sleeping apartment of the me- To those who are practically acquainted chanic; or of the ill built cottages of the with the poorer parts of populous towns, it rural districts, with their one bedroom, j would be needless to point out that the overhanging thatch, and small lattice; wher- I common lodging-houses inflict an almost generated by human effluvia, there, as-! diseases; they frequently are the means of observed especially among the poor, fever Ithey are situate, and'hey are a never- failas it occurs in this country is not, however, nng source of expenditure to the parochial persons well fed, living in comfort, and in jeven in idea realize.

Clementine Thompson, for their fine cooperation and the lengthy hours the work of this committee has required of them. That the Medical Society of the State of New York take appropriate action to encourage legislative action to abolish the contingency fee system in REPORT OF REFERENCE COMMITTEE ON ORGANIZATION. This process must be persevered in; although it may not succeed in every case, yet it will be more satisfactory than the blood-letting and poisoning system. Small preputial or labial ulcers are not uncommon. Death was a year; also, furnished gratuitously to all suhserihers of the"American Journal advance, in which cast both'periodicals are sent by mail free of postage to the sub-scriber. - the portal lymph glands often appear to be enlarged, and the retroperitoneal tissue may be infiltrated with a serous, gelatinous fiuid. Changes suggestive of pyemia or bacteriemia may be found. But in the light of this knowledge it may be seen that there are certain classes of cases in which drainage is appropriate or may be positively indicated.

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