These symptoms are often accompanied by urethritis and dysuria, the children refraining from urinating as long as possible, owing to the burning pain accompanying the flow of urine over straining a sudden jet is forced out of the swollen meatus urinarius, accompanied or followed by a discharge of pus or purulent matter, wherepon comparative ease comes to the relief of the little sufferer. The results of this treatment may be classified as biological and clinical. Appetite very poor; costive, except when using cathartics. Necropsy showed that the kidneys were enlarged about twice. Cause of continued contraction after removal of the palmar fascia is not due to either consecutive contraction of the llexor tendons or to the formation of intraarticular adhesions, but results from the prolonged extreme flexion of the second phalanx lateral ligaments of the joint. In usual custom was observed, except that every bed was provided with a board about fourteen inches wide and twenty inches long, with edges rising about a quarter of an are special wards for cutaneous, mfectious, and contagious diseases, as well as the insane, which are under lock and key, and guarded by sentinels. The patient was compelled to remain in his wet clothes for some hours. On the contrary, splendid careers results have been reported liver, kidneys, etc. The importance of recognizing and of constantly bearing in mind these contraindications cannot be overestimated, especially during the period in which the enthusiasm, both of the profession and the laity, is at login white heat. It is by means of more comprehensive and complete statistical records and sanitary works that mihtary surgeons are to command a more liberal treatment from the government; and this, certainly, is the least of the reasons for such faithfiilness in duty. The social position of the veterinarian in garrison life is what he is capable of making for himself; if he proves himself to be a gentleman he is so taken by the officers and their families. Rhinitis cases were selected especially for this study in order, if possible, to confirm the interesting observations of Tunnicliff on an anaerobic spirochete x cultivable from infections of the accessory sinuses, and on the idea of etiologic relationship in those cases in which the latter organism was found. The growth on potato resembled that of the tubercle bacillus.

In the paratyphoid B infected animals this phagocytosis occurred to a noticeable degree in the immunized, and to a lesser degree, in the normal rabbit.

The tumor, which was of the size of an English walnut, was removed by section of its pedicle with scissors, and the bone was thoroughly scraped. The catheter was left in place for a day or two; then, by applying a compress to his perineum the patient passed most of his urine per meatus. Quincke regards as important the application of a test that he designates lumbar puncture, in conjunction with examination of the fluid obtained. Only twelve could be reexamined, nine had recurrences. It has been noted that blood clots develop quite frequently subsequent to a needle puncture or the application of a ligature.

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