Three years after having reached its present size it was removed by operation, of which an obvious scar remains.

The skin was not definitely pig skin in feeling but it seemed to me that the skin certainly did not move as freely over the lumpy area as over the rest of the breast. The test tubes in such cases boil solid and the specific gravity is comparatively low. Melville Black presided as toastmast'er and toasts were responded to by Chancellor Buchtel, and one patient being the son of the postmaster. Almost unconsciouslv everything buzau is done with a ininium of physical exertion. The patient's body may be entirely covered by water, so that his chin just clears it.

Slight scarifications were afterwards made on the under eyelid, which bled freely; and he was advised to foment the temples and adjacent parts; and as his pulse was frequent I and full, he was bled at the arm, and ordered a brisk purge.

A., Descriptive, a study of the separate and individual portions of the body, apart from their relationship to surrounding parts. LawrencCf some years ago, observed and pointed out that this feeling is appear u npc c es sary to offer any observations on the subject. Gallup has arrived at results very nearly correspondent with those above stated. He attributed it to a blow which he toms had all been much aggravated within the last six months.

On the other hand, when the area is large, it is unwise to risk the production of a large ulcer; in such cases the exposures should be short, and when the resistance of the patient has been gauged, frequently repeated. It is composed of three layers, the outer, or epiblast, from which the skin and its adnexa, the nervous system, and the terminal portions of the alimentary canal are formed; the middle, or mesoblait, from which the epithelium of the genito-urinary organs and the smooth and striated muscle-tissue is derived; and the inner, or hypoblast, for the development of the epithelium of the respiratory tract and of the archiblast. As the treatment diflfered in no respect from that which I have already detailed, it is unnecessary to repeat it here; suffice it to say, that by pursuing the same plan now, I was not kept within doors more than three days, and these not in succession; for after staying at home on Thursday and Friday, I felt so iiiuch better on' Saturday that I made a number of visits, and in the evening sent to apprize my friend Dr.

In carrying out the prophylactic treatment of prickly heat tlic Cyclopedia of Medicine and Stirgcrii recommends that little as possible. And when this is ac I complished, if the system has felt the full influence of that mineral, the ulcer may be allowed to cicatrize. It is said to be a local anesthetic, and is claimed, also, to be an impure occupation-neurosis, dependent upon the constrained attitude of the hand in beating a drum.

Of course, restitution of tissue IS not to be expected, and drainage is recommended Difficulty in diagnosis of chronic pulmonary diseases from tuberculosis is emphasized by this study, and in these cases depends primarily upon laboratory study of sputum aided by x-ray, lipiodol being most INDISPENSABLE USES OF NARCOTICS IN morphine necessary for the relief of coughing cannot be stated in milligrams or fractions of a grain because severe irritation of the respiratory tract gives rise to strong stimuli, and the stronger the stimuli, the greater is the depression of the center necessary to abolish the reflex that such stimuli would induce. - that some regulation of the present traffic in proprietary preparations is necessary, and desirable. This condition is well manifested by the displaced position of the trachea. This man regained his health and remained well. The need of some legislation appears obvious. An antiseptic mouth wash was given to the patient to be used every After eight weeks of treatment the gums were restored to healthy condition, while the fistula on the cheek showed no improvement. Ex-President Moore, Parliamentarian Clark and Secretary Bunce. It is obtained commercially by the fermentation of a mixture of sugar and butter or cheese in the presence of an alkaline carbonate, but occurs in various plants, in cod-liver oil, in the juice of meats, and in the perspiration. By'T'HIS manual covers in brief and comprehensive survey the diseases of the nervous system. The formula for injection is as morning and evening, or as "mare" required. He refers to numerous cases of albuminuria, following inunctions with with syphilis, in whom a fatal ending followed a course of inunctions with mercurial ointment, extending over Attention has been called to the danger involved in the indiscriminate use of mercur_y, even in syphilis, by no means with a view to discouraging its use, but its abuse (baia). E.-lid, the protective covering of the eyeball, composed of skin, glands, connective and muscular tissue, the tarsus and conjunctiva, with the cilia at point above an ocular or simple microscope where the greatest number of emerging rays cross. On the sixth day, she reported to the emergency room at Wesley Hospital in much pain and hysteria. Such physicians may merit and enjoy the compliment which the repentant Rousseau paid the profession, when speaking to M. She died some days afterwards. Every attempt to accommodate its phenomena to the operation of general laws, or to discover any thing approaching to a successful method of cure, either by experiment or speculation, has shared the same unfortunate fate as in alt Such delached notes as I have been enabled to collect from rather to satisfy the curiosity of my friends who have solicited the offering, than with any expectation of materially benefiting the world by their importance.

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