Pictorial History of Ancient Pharmacy, with Sketches of Early Medical Practice. Dead, as a part affected with gangrene. Substance obtained from pilocarpidine by precipitation with excess of nitrate of Jaboridine'. He was carried by his comrades into the shade of a neighbouring grove, and abandoned to his inevitable destiny, for they had learned to resign all hope of repelling an attack of this formidable enemy. The forearm is flexed at a right angle, and is generally in apposition with the lower part of the chest or the upper part firmly contracted. On the second or third day after the wound there is severe headache, the temperature rapidly rises, rigors may take place, and symptoms which at first simulate those of meningitis are present.

The ophthalmoscope, he thought, dearly describe the fundus of the eye after one lesson. Distribution and classification of diseases. The fatty acids readily combine with alkali to form soaps; thus, the reaction being analogous to that by which acetic acid forms an acetate with alkalies. Between these extremes, there are many gradations of temperature, of moisture, and of dryness, all of which influence the nature of the vegetation and the secretions of plants; as, for instance, the tract of country which is beyond the reach of tropical influence, and yet not so cool or so moist as European regions, but where the atmosphere is clear and dry, the temperature hot, and the soil apparently barren. Name given in Brazil to various forms Jinked. Of whoop'ing-cough (Letzerich), in the sputa of that disease. Most of the editors, however, find room to compliment themselves and to congratulate their readers on the excellence of their journals during the past year, and to indulge in promises for the future. The only license given, or degree conferred by our medical colleges and universities is that of Doctor of Medicine. When the intransparent lens is thus got rid of by absorption, the obstacle to the formation of retinal images is removed and sight is restored.

Further it was found, after cutting across the posterior part of the cord, that the pressor reflexes were interfered with but not the depressor, thus indicating that the former are transmitted either by the posterior columns of white matter or by the gray matter of the posterior horns. Instrument used in extracting stone from the bladder; lithotomy Lith'olapaxy (lapaxis, evacuation).

The application of a bandage in these cases produces a series of veins scarcely as large as of the bandage, and then compressing to just short the hitherto small veins will stand out turgidly, and can easily be punctured and canalized, for the vein is more easily accomplished by this method. The chief of the nitrogenous bodies of the urine is urea, the of the total nitrogen; but when the protein intake is low, this proportion the greater percentage of nitrogen eliminated is endogenous in origin, and urea, which is the chief constituent of the exogenous nitrogen moiety of the urine, is accordingly decreased on low diets. The position assumed by the arm is parallel with the trunk. So long as the blood supply is normal, these protective influences are adequate to protect the body from invasion, but if this should become curtailed, then the bacteria become active and set up pathological processes.

He agreed with me in suspecting that, notwithstanding so long a time had elapsed after parturition, there might be some connexion between the symptoms and her puerperal state; and also that the uterus might partake of the same irritation which probably existed in the peritoneal membrane. Vesicular fever, bladdery fever, waterblebs.

And general weakness from granulo fatty degeneration of the muscular fibres of the heart, which is liable to ensue in all infectious diseases of a malignant type, or from ante-mortem heart clots. It is believed to be located about the optic thalami or corpora striata, for it has been found in rabbits that destruction of the brain anterior to this region does not cause any change in body temperature, whereas destruction behind it is followed by an entire upset in the heat-regulating mechanism. Compression of the labyrinth, producing O'toplasty (plastikos, forming). As an anti-epileptic drug simulo is absolutely worthless, while as an anti- hysteric remedy it is of but little more importance, Eulenburg says that simulo is far less valuable in these affections than the bromides, and, in his opinion, can only be utilized as a substitute of the bromides where these for some reason or Manaca, or mercurio- vegetal, is the Brazilian name for Franciscea uniflora of the natural order Scrophulariacese.