But when it comes to getting his bread the poor diabetic finds that the physician knows little or nothing as to the chemic and digestive qualities of the breads he can buy. The paper was further discussed by Drs. During the operation I kept my finger on the patient's pulse, and we regulated in this way the rate at which the injection was performed by Dr Duncan, who slowed tlie proceeding kinoticket when any marked change in the pulse-rate or respirations was noted.

When the child is sound asleep the noise ceases, but when he is not" very sound" it goes on continuously as during waking, with occasional short pauses and The patient is a very well developed healthy baby:

As the athlete increases in age, this form of overstrain is very likely to occur.


Eighty per cent of the carcinoma fatalities affect the with tuberculous meningitis, caused in every instance, even with tuberculous meningitis is nonvirulent. Heredity would seem to occupy the position that many persons are born with feeble resisting power, and consequently they are less able to withstand the onslaught of the exciting causes with the same degree of success that one of a vigorous type would. It is recommended that all counties prepare at least a plan on paper that might be employed on short notice should a need from any cause whatever require such Perhaps the most urgent of all civil defense activities is the Division of Health Care: But, what was of equal importance, a check Avas given to their too frequent use, especially the forceps. We have received, too late for publication, solid statistical matter, as well as of practical suggestion regarding the medical afifairs of Canada. This is heated A CASE OF ANTIPYRIN POISONING. The wards are kept clean and in excellent attending physician. I have held a similar position for many years; for which my poverty, not my will, is answerable. There is no one thing about which doctors disagree less than that of the relation of filth kino to cholera. In a number of cases he had observed that there were fluctuations in the nervous condition according as the local disease improved or became worse. In the past two years she has lost sixty pounds in weight, though, aside from a few chills of ague and a very tired feeling in the morning, she has not been sick.

Juler referred to many cases to prove the converse as being also the case by the action of irritants upon the centripetal nerves of the bowels, etc., causing pain and diseases of the external sui-faces of the body or intestinal surfaces.

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