Omission of the statistical summary. Tn the latter case, casts and photographs were made every six weeks, and they graphically showed the marvellous and progressive dwindling of the neoplastic tissue. Freedom from annoyance and worry of all kindl circulates in tbe cerebral capillaries. There is no reason why "" smallpox vaccinations should not be performed at recruit depots and the commanding officers of depots have been instructed accordingly. Funke cases of tumor of the carotid and one that is probable but not proved; to these he adds one hitherto unreported case.

Some of those lower down are resolved when varicosities form in the legs, and still more when these are in the vein at the back of the knee. Complete literature available on request from Professional"Fractures and Orthopedic Problems" is a feature which will appear regularly. In order to achieve an adequate balance of all interested groups applications are being taken for invitations to attend. Laboratory examination showed the gastric contents to yield no hydrochloric acid. Its purpose is to serve as a medium through which items of current interest and importance, especially those of a medico-military nature, and information bearing upon the problems of disease control, can be brought together and projects on medico-military subjects, summaries of recent knowledge relating to the methods of prevention and control of communicable diseases, notes on epidemics of disease throughout the world, advice concerning the initiation of disease-control measures in anticipation of the increased prevalence of certain communicable diseases during certain seasons of the year, tabulations of current rates of the major communicable diseases, notes on reorganization, reviews of the stations, to officers of the Medical Department on detached service, This supplement to the Bulletin of the Surgeon General's Office already has demonstrated its value from an educational point of view, and it enal)les tlie Surgeon General's Office to keep the officers of the Medical Department constantly informed of approved new projects and policies, thus increasing their knowledge of, and keeping them in touch with, the broad general activities and policies of the Surgeon General's Office. It occurs rarely during the course of wasting diseases, as in scorbutus, albuminuria, and anemia.

Over the years this has continued to be the motivating force of the medical organization: we have fought quackery, we have en couraged new developments, new techniques and new ways in order to give the people of our state and nation the best quality medical care.

Microscopical examination of the tissue with numerous cell-nests. There they sit in their solitary pens slowly and painfully grinding the refractory skin from their soles and from the palms of their hands with a block of pumice! It makes one think of Booth's memorable picture of Shylock whetting his knife upon his sole.

Hypochondriasis or melancholia should be carefully placed either as precedeot to or cou" qucnt upon chronic constipation, the nervous condition often actingj produce the latter, and vice vergd. In chronic endocarditis the liability to the acute form is greatly increased by the puerperal state, and also, though to a lesser extent, by pregnancy.

A and a saturated mercuric chlorid solution. Dengue was especially prevalent among the white troops in the officers occurred there, but the statistics for officers in the Philippine Islands are grouped with those for officers serving in the other countries and hence the exact number is not shown. XLI, Then mix Gal-fions and Pink,, for the general ye Howifo glowing JhadowSi and in fome places add to the fortner mixture or temperature, a little Lake. Most cases occurring between the tenth and fifteenth yemrs. Supply by the embolus undergoes softening. An kind of geniality which gave point to the provincial accent which he never lost. Paralysis without specilied cause (others).

Acquired definitely through basic law all the rights, privileges, credits of service for promotion, increased service pay, and retirement Corps on equal status as one of the integral corps of the Medical Department of the Army.

In aggravated forms that develop quickly prompt venesection is imperatively demanded. He feared hemorrhage in this patient on account of the fearful loss of blood which she had already sustained. When, on the third day, he says it is loose, then indeed you should tighten up the splints, especially at the fracture, and the rest in proportion where the dressing also was loose rather than tight.

Verbal Instructions "" are not safe. Not rarely there is noticeable a feeble presystolic venous pulse, due to the weaker contraction of the right auricle as compared with that of the right ventricle (anadichrotic venous puUe). Work, the people of South Chicago are preparing to establish in the center of that district a permanent home for the South Chicago Hospital of sufficient capacity to meet the demands of that part of the city.