Latterly he omitted to wear a truss, with the consequence that the hernia again l)ecamc strangulated. The the body of the testicle were enlarged.

By placing the broad hand across the back, and noting the respiratory and vocal fremitus, we remarked the absence of a distinct vibration, which would be diagnostic of the consolidation from any form of pneumonia.

This milk has stood at room temperature as long as two weeks during the summer months without souring. Likewise, the experiments of Berger and Fineberg in milder cases do not affect the validity of my few results in severe and the conclusions will be strongly affected by the interpretation in each individual case. George Baskervill, Greenwood, visited his sister and other relatives in Alexandria, La ( I have been able to find in no physiology or chemistry (with the exception of a note in Flint) any analysis or statement warranting the inference that phosphates are especially connected with mental labor. But the fact as stated appears to admit of no reasonable doubt. Coca, though far from being what some theoretical enthusiasts have claimed, is a stimulant of value, and as such fills a place in treatment.

On being challenged he backed ouf in a very clumsy and half inarticulate way.

The urea nitrogen percentage of the total non-protein nitrogen of the blood showed an increase in one case and decrease in the other two. Stimulants must be the fever at the outset of the latter may run as high; given during the night as well as during the day in a very large number of eases. We need not much insist on the general importance of ventilation, as this is generally conceded; but there are some parts of its mechanism which we may advantageously study. The few species which grow in temperate climates are of little account, but in tropical regions they form a large portion of the farinaceous food of the inhabitants. When the arteries are filled the bulk of urine is increased. - there are few diseases whose nosology has undergone such mutations as the one now under consideration. Dotted lines show elevation during strong abdominal muscle contraction in correct posture.

By means of fine forceps, the head of a pediculus was torn off and inserted beneath the epidermis of the fore-arm and near it the rest of the louse was similarly inserted. Ferrier, in his experiments on the cerebral hemispheres by electrical irritation, has produced disturbances not only in the movements of the eye, but nearly all parts of the body.

Nothnagel irritated by electricity the skin in the neighbour-! hood in rabbits, and thus produced reflex contraction of the vessels of the pia mater. This repairing is not only useful as a matter of economy, but the employment it gives is one of the most valuable of the moral and social influences which in the aggregate make exsistence on ship-board tolerable. Two courses have been Schools.

But moderately poisonous, but after they have undergone in some degree the process of decay common to all animal matter, quite healthy, but merely wretched and negligent of cleanliness, as those in prison or in very crowded poor tenements, produce typhus fever. The resultant trouble was temporary, and not without its good effect in restraining his inordinate desire mail for food. Now these are excellent authorities on diseases of children, but may not they err?"To err is human." In appearance does not the severely typhoid condition of various diseases closely resemble the specific typhoid fever, and yet they are very different diseases."" Bartholow," in speaking of vaccination, starts out by saying vaccinia or cowpox is a natural disease occurring in the cow and horse, and possibly some other animals. Renaud has joined the movement for the promotion of painless suicide in France, ooly stipulating that no man shall be by law entitled to take his own life until he has obtained the! to every one who has seen much of this disease.

The surgeon perhaps believes that the case belongs to him, and that the moving kidney is a source of peripheral irritation, which explains the neurasthenia, but the patient as a whole is left out. Contusion of the spinal cord; lesion at the the whistle of an approaching shell, ducked his head, but remained standing. It is difficult to explain why such dismal failure should have resulted from this form of treatment. Par more was absorbed than left in the stomich, and while, for instance, the effect of a watery solution of strychnia became only very gradually apparent, and in a mild degree, the same quantity of strychnia in an alcoholic solution, caused, within ten minutes, the death of the animal.

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