Whatever they may have been otherwise, the priests of the Delphic Oracle were certainly no impostors when they over the portico of the temple of the heathen god. From the united labors of those who seek by original investigation to build up a positive science, where there is j-et so much May we not confidentlj- look forward to the perfect enlightenment of our minds in regard to the most obscure of the vital processes? Though we may often be led astraj' bj' experiments conducted without due care, and with insufficient knowledge, successfulh' work out the sublime problems which the great Creator of all has prepared for our solution." These researches accord with the practical idea that colic, headache, confused intellect, laziness, bad dreams, epilepsy, convulsions sometimes and other neuroses are connected with improper feeding, and cease when this cause is removed. When dogs are admitted freely to dwellings and to sources of drinking water the echinococcus will be more common. TROTTER, in reply, said the improvement in the case continued, and the treatment was being carefully regulated from the point of view mentioned of bone occurred, and in that case the periosteum remained in contact with a sarcoma. While infrequently murmurs of different timbre indicate the combined lesions of interventricular septal defect and stenosed pulmonary tract, it more often happens that the bruit heard is due to the associated septal defect and has not been produced by the narrowing of the pulmonary channel. There is another very fatal group of poisons, of which nux vomica, with its alkaloid strychnine, is the type. He examined his cases with the utmost care, and in obscure, doubtful cases made use of all modern diagnostic resources before he made his final diagnosis.

Chloroform is absorbed into the blood, and is oxidized by the nascent oxygen of the blood. This state of mind, however, was not of long duration: I was soon hard at work, and forgot my anxieties. MemberoftheCalifornia, University, Sierra and Republican Clubs, Sequois League, Chamber of Commerce and Archeological Society.

It is true that the essential parts of John Hunter's doctrines as to inflammation and its consequences are now so incorporated with what is taught in the schools, that to be acquainted with them you need not seek them in his works: but I recommend you, nevertheless, to make these your especial study, for the sake of the other valuable information which they contain, and the important views in Pliysiology and Pathology wliich, in almost every page, are offered to your contemplation; and also for this reason, that they will improve your faculty of observation, and furnish you with materials for reflection during the remainder During the latter period of your attendance on the hospital, and afterwards, when first engaged in practice, you should be provided with what may be regarded as the standard works on Pathology, Medicine, and Surgery. Moreover, on section, the upper portion of the organ is spongy looking, the lower part Microscopic examination of the upper part of the lung shows here and there patches of inflammation, and a few short bacilli, with rounded edges, scattered in groups through the tissue. Von Esenbeck for the base or pedicle of ventricose and filiform mushrooms. Of such effect are these sliadows of the soul; these living sounds which we call words! Compared with tliem how poor are all other monuments of human power, or perseverance, or skill, or genius! They render the mere clown an artist; nations immortal; orators, poets, philosophers divine!' made between mere language and articulate language, or speech; the former being used as a generic term, applicable to all the different methods by which animals communicate their wants and feelings to each other; speech being used as a specific term, representing that kind of language which consists of the voice produced by the laiynx, and then modified by articulation, that is, by the action of the muscles of the throat and mouth. These trypsin injections were continued for some months, either daily or on alternate days. The evidence we have to rely on is, I am afraid, of a very imperfect kind and of the following nature. Born San Francisco Polytechnic High School. Even less prominent than in the unimpregnated state. The present boy showed none of these things. This oil contains two substances, valerole and valerianin, neither of very great importance.

Needle pricks and other small holes can be repaired by patching with a piece from an old glove and purchased on the market is usually infected. Unspeakable value to Liquor potassce, or solution of potass, is prepared from carbonate of potass, by adding to its solution quicklime; when heated, after a time carbonate of lime forms, and the clear fluid is caustic potass in solution; this diluted to the proper strength is liquor potassre; evaporated to dryness, and cast into moulds, it constitutes solid caustic potass, which is used for a variety of purposes. They are generally introduced into the rectum before rest, and allowed to remain there. It may seem strange, but there are not wanting those, especially among women pregnant for the first time, who, from a false modesty, wear their dresses tight in order to conceal their state. In old and severe cases there is much thickening of the surrounding integument. I am not so great a heretic as to deny the advantages of knowledge and of early instruction, especially if it be combined with a proper training of the mind, so as to give the pupil habits of self-restraint.

Inside the cylinder thus prepared a wax statuette, usually the human headed Amset, is found in most cases.

Specialty, diseases of the chest.