It is administered in pill form of one and one-half grains each, two pills three times daily, and increasing gradually to four pills four times daily. James proffered his services, and joined the army, which marched from Philadelphia to suppress the disturbance in the western counties of Pennsylvania, which is known as the"Whiskey Insurrection." He joined the exjHidition in the capacity of Surgeon of"McPherson's Blues," a The expedition was a bloodless one, from the force employed, which overawed the insurgents; but it tried the spirits and endurance of these delicately educated youths, and sometimes subjected them to depression. Experience teaches that especially in uterine atresia, with dilatation of the tubes, rupture of the latter is of so frequent occurrence immediately following the operation, that French operators (Boyer, Dupuytren, and Cazeaux, for instance) have declared themselves opposed to operative interference, and pronounce the patient lost under Eupture of the tubes after the operation is probably partly due to the uterine contractions which expel the retained blood from the uterus, in which contractions the tubes participate, but is owing mainly to the adhesions which are formed between the dilated tubes and the adjacent organs.

Listen in his Practical Surgery. Jepson, the originally slow progress of the growth, the comparatively unimpaired state of her general health, too-ether with the appearance of the tumom- and the absence of that anxious expression of covmtenance which marks most cases of malignant cachexy, were all conditions indicative of the simple character of the growth. In certain instances it has been possible to trace the spread of the disease from a lupous, focus on the hand to a tuberculous lymXjhangitis of the arm, with scrofulous ulcers developing along the lymphatic trunts, and with finally a jjulmonary tuberculosis upon the same side as the affected hand. The accumulation of the sputum in the bronchial tubes is an exciter of cough; and hence the latter symptom is often best combated by those means which diminish the amount of sputum. It was, therefore, deemed best, for each member of the Commission, to weigh, in his own mind, the importance of the general principles involved, and to examine, for himself, their successful application in each case, to the purposes of practi individual judgment, and a majority of the members of the Commission determined the relative merits of the different limbSi With those general explanatory remarks, we will proceed to the different proprietors and patentees We present the names of the proprietors and patentees, as follows, according to the order adopted in the examination of their patents: Of the whole number, it may be said, that they displayed a wonderful degree of artistic skill and mechanical ingenuity.

And such, probably, is always its complications when sporadic only. The only explanation which could be found was that these men were constantly on patrol duty and found the cool wells in neighboring farmhouses more acceptable than the warm Hygeia water in tlivMr canteens. Tlie restdts obtained by this method may be illustrated as follows; REFEREXCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. Stearns has not often met the public eye, nor has that reward attended the service which it was the delight of darker ages to bestow upon the great benefactors of man. Although the most characteristic condition of things found on examination is that described above, certain modifications may occur.

In fact, to repeat, here lies the gist of the whole matter.

Cannot well be mistaken for any other disease, if a laryngoscopic inspection can be made.

This is the rarest of the forms of cutaneous tuberculosis, and has organs.

My advertising roll of bills has a sedative influence on their bellicose and caustic pens. He remains in the sun-room for from half an hour to two hours, according to the direction given him by his physician. The symptoms had become troublesome only ten days before Dr. He had taken no nourishment, and only a little crushed ice and stimulant, most of which had been vomited. D., after the expiration of the present session, during which he has attended each of the Professors."" That many lives of the citizens of Pennsylvania are yearly lost by their being committed to the care of men, not qualified by education or talents to practise medicine. Medical reports the case of a child, aged nine years, who was thirty days without passing a motion:

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