Much more puzzling, however, are the instances of pseudo-sclerose en plaques, which have been described by Westphal. The concha is impinged upon from behind, leaving a mere slit in front of the meatus externus. They make no resolute effort to give battle to Time, and yield themselves ready victims to the threatening infirmities of advancing age. Uniformly brown, hind borders of segments if lighter extremely narrow and cinereous; pale area in centre of second segment usually triangular, with the apex directed backwards and continued into a cinereous median stripe; larger species. In this class of cases especially there has long been felt the need for an instrument that will immobilize the parts in their normal position until union has occurred. It were the height of imprudence to recommend it. As soon as the infant can bear to travel, it should be removed from the city and its unhealthy surroundings to some salubrious point either on the sea-shore or to a cool and mountainous region. In examining the throat while depressing the tongue, I noticed a tumour rising up at its base, of al)out the size of a filbert. I have identified faint indications of these bodies in the corresponding situation in the sealion and found them absent in one monkey (cercopithecus), but(not having examined the entire collection with reference to this point, am unable to say anything as to the general absence or presence of the hordea in the animal scale. - the condition of the patient becomes relatively stable and no further improvement occurs." Repeated observations on the effect of iodin given continuously for a year or longer have confirmed this conclusion, so there is no hope of curing an exophthalmic goiter by the iodin treatment. Tuberculous affection of these glands has already been considered. In the uncomplicated cases there is- rarely any danger during the paroxysm, even though the symptoms may be most distressing and the dyspncEa and cough very severe. The circumstance that such remains of tubercles are not unfrequently found in the lungs of old persons, who have died of other diseases, would seem to show that these cures are sometimes"But this is not all. It is this explanation as much webmail as anything that has forced me to agree with Dr. He also gave an interesting account of the Ebus papyrus, found at ancient Memphis about ten years ago.

A modification of Gram's method of staining gives more useful results, but is slow.

The febrile must be allowed to drink freely, and to choose for drinking what they like (water, wine-andwater, tea, cotTee, milk, toast-water, syrup and water, or fruit-juice in water). By touch, we discern pressures and surface textures. The prosecution contended that the medical testimony should not prevail, because the medical examinations had been made hurriedly, superficially, ajid inadequately by men not highly trained in that domain of medicine. The deltoid, the biceps, brachialis antieus, and supinator longus may be affected in the former, and in the latter the extensors or flexors of the fingers and wrists. The careful mother will not content herself with the merely superficial assurance of the good condition of her child furnished by the eye; she will consult the scales. On the other hand, if one rheophore is held in the hand and the other placed higher up on the limb, or if one is lield in each hand, the contraction of the muscles of the forearm or arm takes place according to the position of the rheophores and intensity of the current. Case repwrts are especially abundant.

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