In like manner, if an inflammation attack the cellular membrane on the outside of the rectum near the anus, although the latter be in contact with the inflamed part, the inflammation will extend to the skin of tlie buttock, while the gut itself is often but little If tlie inner surface of the tympanum or labyrinth becomes inflamed, the disease assumes a very important character. What he said was When the formal exercises were concluded, hundreds of ladies and gentlemen met the graduates in the foyer to extend congratulations. Diesem Ansturm war das Hospital mit seinen damak noeli recht besserten, so evaeuirte ich einen Teil der Beri Ben Kranken dorthin, Zu der gleichen Zeit nun trat unter dem Kuliebestand von Geriithschufteii etc. Tepid water, or milk and water, are then to be injected repeatedly into the ear to wash it out; or you may syringe the ear now and then with gum Arabic water, or any other mucilaginous infusion, and mild astringent decoctions, and in a short time, the parts will be restored, to their usual healthy condition. At every examination the spleen was shoved toward the back and so far toward the middle that there was Sterilizing Hair Used in Manufacture to Prevent Splenic Fever and Anthracoid Diseases.

Historischen Auffassung des Blutaberglaubens Verdivchtigungen, die er erfahren musste, den vollen Beweis zu liefern, Menschen- und ThJeropfer als Heilmittel, das Blut Hingerichteter und alle die volksmedizinischen Rudimente, die aus dem vollen blutigen Opfer sich Eine geradezu staunen-erregende Belesenheit und Quellenforschung gerade in Bezug auf alle diese volksmedizinischen Mittel, die mit dem entstanden ist. Irritation of the id tongue, the tip of which ia usually reddened; vilb this condition is often associated tremulousness protmsion, indicating a high state of nervous tenia The condition of the blood as regards tendency to lymotie changes, is also moHt readily indicated by the toogUA, the pallid mncons roembrnne and white coating indiotting oxoessivo acidity of the alimtintary osnal and lack indicated bj obnnrmallj dork red cnlor of tbe mnconS luembraue. As to the duration of pregnancy, Dr. Balsam or the Samab'itan, (F.) Baume du boiling together, at a gentle heat, equal parts of vine and oil.

In the Soudan the horses are shod with socks made of Prolapsus VAOiNiE in a Filly.

If it gets akohol and ether), and transferred from this caeh of akohtil and ether). Us special centers of the cord, so far as located, are priAoipaUy situated in the lombaz region. One of the small bones of the internal ear. But there are very good reasons for its lack of information as to United States Association affairs. This plant has a very disagreeable smell: and the Uftves have a strong, aorid, bitterish taste. She was unable to recline on the bed, so enormously distended was the abdomen; she had to be supported in the semierect position by an arrangement of pillows, an attempt to lie down on the bed caused intense dyspnoea. Trophic centers evidently exist in the Epiaal cord, and probably possess their affinities, which ttaj jei be discovered and found to possess therapeutia Utile farther along the road of therapeutic discovery. Leucophlegmatic habit; a term formerly applied to a dropsical habit. As compared with septicemia, pyemia exhibits recurring chills, deeply remitting fever and sweats, rapid wasting and moderate icterus;.-. Added to four ounces of water, and a teaspoonfnl administorcd every three or four hours.

As the disease approaches this condition, topical applications are of no avail. I thii Certainly, from a theoretical point of view, we should pan before inducing labour, knowing as we do that the danger the disease is enormously increased by the multiplicity of tl fits, and that the fits are easily induced by reflex stimulatio all, the dilatation of the cervix, have been observed over an! over again to increase the frequency and severity of tli' attacks. Wliero a scrofulous cachexia ia prominent, au muuifested by indolent swelliugs. Niles in reporting the conference of the committee appointed, with Dr. They do a big trade with"We saw in one room a sponge man, all except the hair being made of sponge, and that I thought was Irish moss. Moreover, where that organ; widely dilated and much weakened in long-standing miti disease or renal cirrhosis, sudden death may close t One must never forget the important part the corona vessels play in two at least of the above cases, and tl subject of my communication illustrates how disease death. The drug people seem to have a fancy for the Imperial, with reason, too. Others contain general machinery, such as printing presses, cutting and creasing presses, box and case machines, melting and mixing tanks, etc.

Ochre, Indian red, red lead, minium, lake, vermilion, carmine, red ink, Indian lake.

Theae thri, Qyri Ctr'eiri,' InUnio'ula Ctr'diri, (J.) Anfraaaotiifi CMhralri, are alwaya nairow, and ila bate; and are lined by a prolonfation of the The Ethmoid Cells are, sometime), ealMAB deicription.' The anatomy of the veiieli. "But," said he,"I do believe that licenses should be granted to reputable druggists, but to discriminate between the reputable and disreputable was something found impossible, for mere hearsay is not evidence enough to convict. Personally he took I very optimistic view of properly performed operations for cancer botched. ; George Edgar Thomas Michael Qainn, Astoria, L.

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