On one occasion a physician brought to me a child, five months old, who, while creeping with a button-hook in its mouth, fell forward, the free end of the hook penetrating the velum, making a long irregular wound. Corneal incisions tend to be complicated by adherence of the iris and by keratitis; more peripheral incisions are disturbed by prolapse of iris and cyclitis.

In the application it is set forth that the organization is to be known as the" Woman's Sanitary League of Pennsylvania," and that the objects of the League will be the advancement of sanitary Imogene I.

The favorably, I believe that the best prospect of permanent cure is by delay for a suitable season, until all inflammatory action has subsided, and the appendectomy can be performed in the interval between attacks. Containing the results of such extended researches It must for a long time be regarded as an authority on all subjects pertaining to dislocations. The dangers apparently are much less from burns, and the effect from a single radiation seems to be much greater than can be obtained with any safety with the HODGKIN S DISEASE WITH EXTENSIVE SKIN ERUPTION II ac-ray. - of two points of view: that of the bacteriologist, whose interest is rather with the nature and mode of action of the infective agent, or that of the neurologist, whose training has made him more familiar with the laws of reaction of the nervous system. - the patient complained of pain in the left side of the back, extending down the left leg, when first seen in the gynecologic department, but when seen in the orthopedic department, six days later, she said she had chills followed by sweats, as well as nausea and vomiting. The guinea-pig, though more sensitive to human tuberculosis than the rabbit, is much more resistant than it to avian tuberculosis.

"Weeks has found small bacteria in"pinkeye," which, when inoculated upon the conjunctiva of the rabbit, has produced this form of catarrhal conjunctivitis. He found the body of the mother remarkably soft and tumid, and although he could give no sufficient reason for it, he yet expressed an opinion that she was not dead, and desired that care might be taken of her, and said he would call again the next day.

The subsequent history is not fully Of the eighteen cases related twelve were cases of anteflexion of the uterus and six were cases of retroflexion. The thread is now withdrawn from the eye of the needle, and the latter is removed and threaded afresh and made to traverse the same structures in a similar manner about a quarter of an inch internal to the first stitch. Loosen the cork, immediately after the percolator is tree menstruum has escaped, and dropping ceases; now percolate is obtained, which constitutes the full complement of fluid "" extract. This fact, and the absence of symptoms of intoxication, the author explains by failure of absorption, or by a neutralization of the poisonous products of putrefaction. Kostenicz, clinical professor at the Ujasdow Military Hospital, has been made professor of ophthalmology. An appearance early noticed with the ophthalmoscope is the broadening and pallor of the retinal veins in some cases of anemia. And lower dorsal region, which was much increased by motion and by lying down, and which was followed by pain down the left leg in the sciatic distribution. Taken medicine that upset the stomach, or been suffering from gastric catarrh. The heart in these cases is no longer able to cope with the strain to which it is put and heart failure is the result ( When moving the limb was carried stiffly, without movement of the hip, stifle, or hock-joint, and placed far forwards; the progress of the body then brought the limb perpendicularly below the hip-joint, but the leg could not be placed behind this point either actively or passively. Stress is laid on the importance of treating any comiDlication that may be present prior to operation.

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