The advantage of the former agent is the rapidity of its action. I have known distemper to be introduced into stables and among horses, Texas fever and tuberculosis into herds of cattle, and hog cholera among hogs, because diseased animals, when purchased, were not separated ofiF by themselves, for a short time at least. Edema or hypertension requires therapy titrated to the individual. If it was courage, she certainly found it, for all of a sudden she handed the mysterious paper to" Read that, and tell me if it's true." He took it readily, put on his glasses, and bent to examine it, but gave a start that caused the spectacles to" Lord bless me, he said he'd burnt it!""Then it is true? Don't deny it,'Rusalem; it's no use, for I've caught you at last!" and in her excitement Mrs. Hundreds of similar instances might be adduced. A dozen or two students attended the operation, and dejDarted immediately after it was over without waiting to see the dressing. Condie believed that, opiates and certain remedies usually reputed stimulant or even tonic may often be resorted to with advantage. " Now then, turn in my boy, and b! prettiest, for I wouldn't but disappoint that cheerfulest of men for a month's wages; and that's liberal, as I ain't" How is tbi- man after the rash dissipatioi the day?" asked the doctor, pausing at the bed in the" I'm first-rate, Bir," panted Joe, who always and who was forced to frown beavily to I nsed to do, so it comes rather easier." M Not much; but it's very pleasant layi rhen the room is still, and no light but the fire. YOU COULD LOSE TWICE AS MUCH as another person might because you have two sets of expenses.

And, above all, the medical profession; not because there are more wrongheaded men in it than in other professions, but because a less amount of the fatal ingredient goes to vitiate its conclusions. It especially attacks young horses, but is often seen in those of increased years. He will go as surgeon to the Stillman professor of comparative anatomy in the Medical School of Harvard LIniversity, have been appointed corresponding members of the Pliysicomedical Society of meeting of the American Library Association was held in piTsented: President's address, on The History of the Terminology of the Disease Known as Graves's Disease, Sciences of the John Crevar Library, by General A. There are slight fever, debility, and wasting of the flesh. They were both about the size of a hen's egg. To him it seemed hours, yet but a few short minutes id before he became conscious of a friendly atmo Bpbere about him, and, through the trance of suffering fast reaching its climax, heard a commanding voice u It is Stirling: I shall remember this. There were a few fine rales at the very base on cough. An attack of yellow fever is generally abrupt. Superficial seropus has been evacuated, but, if the finger is squeezed gently, a minute drop of pus will be observed to exude slowly from some point in the granulation. The operating theatre had no seats, being in that respect like that of Gruy's Hospital, which I have already described.

It does not merely go and come, or occasionally intervene in chronic bronchial disease, of which the auscultatory symptom that is most characteristic and abiding is of another kind. Dr Gairdner remarks upon its greater frequency in persons who are corpulent and of sedentary habits. Finally, some patients are advised to go to so-called three-quarter- way houses for varying periods of time, prior to their full return to The thrust of the program at MBMC is to help the chemically dependent individual recover from the Among our patients alcohol is the drug that is most frequently abused, although one of the other drugs choice, and indeed, polyaddiction is not rare. Before the horse is again put to work, be assured he has quite recovered. It is the largeness of the dose that is given, and repeated for a few days, that imparts a tonicity to the nerve. The horn is not hollow and never is. Sig.: A teaspoonful every one to three Sig.: A teaspoonful every three hours.

Raspail has given a plate, containing the figures of the true acarus, as delineated by different preceding authors, and of other insects erroneously taken for it, with the representation of the insect as seen by himself.

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