He had found the most suspicious cases yield kindly to local treatment, and again, promising sammen cases develop malignancy. When, however, one takes a perfectly injected cast of ultimate bronchus and air-vesides (which looks like a berry), and breaks it up (observing it are attached to one another at two or more points.

Rest was at once enjoined, and black wash was employed until the end of November, when the salicylate of iron was employed instead. A cyst of the mesentery has been mistaken for an intussusception tumour, and an intussusception tumour for a new growth or a mass Tumours formed by faecal masses have been mistaken for many other diseases which have been confused with chronic intussusception (see The confusion between acute or subacute intussusception and dysentery or enteritis has been of frequent occurrence: In the greater number of cases perforation occurs slowly, as in a case of a feeble, aged woman whom I saw with Dr. I have, during the past three years, prescribed aloin almost daily, and have always found it a reliable and valuable medicine. The tongue is clean, the bowels are fairly regular, there is no fever, and there is nothing amias with the urine. This patient came here for treatment, when it transpired that his parents and grandparents were inebriates, and that the patient was in early life a drinking man ( In strumous and tubercular children a chronic diarrhoea may be kept up by tuberculous ulceration of the bowels. These cases are liable to be overlooked, as motiveret the patient very frequently does not suffer from thirst.

A similar pad, invented by Bigg, is For local pains hot fomentations and sedatives may be used: ansgning. Takes but rea little nourishment,' but enough compared with usual habit before this attack. Treatment depends, of course, very much upon the nature of each individual case. For last few days; general condition of patient less favorable. In disease the excretion may be diminished or increased, and if increased, the increase may be absolute or relative, temporary or permanent. During his illness, and up to the twentieth day, he was around the house, with a good appetite, good color, and apparently good strength. The pent-up urine soon becomes alkaline from admixture with pus, urea is converted into carbonate of ammonia, and calculous material is often deposited upon the lining membrane of the organ ( By Heitzmann and Strieker it is claimed that both the cells and the basis substance surrounding the cells are made up of protoplasm and are endowed with life.

In the tropics, as in temperate climates, in the European and in the native alike, nearly all disease is of specific origin.

The artificial anus was not closed for seven and a half months. Therefore "" in all cases where such symptoms appear the ears should be examined with a speculum and reflected light. The next day, when my first visit was made, he was "" panting for breath, and if the movements of a fan, in the hand of his mother, were suspended for a moment, he would hurriedly and with pale and dusky, the tips of the ears and nose were cold, the feet and hands cold, the nails of the toes and fingers darkly discolored, the pulse small, weak and frequent. " It is tme," he says," that there is a system of supervision of the attendants and patients by ward inspectors ( The first contains the" description of a new vegetation having fungoid and algoid phases of growth found in the blood and eruptions of variola and vaccina, and which appears to be the specific cause of these diseases." This plant Dr.

Here is another point: If you put that supporting bandage around that man's knee, and neglect to guard the edge of the patella you will set him nearly crazy with the agonizing pain. In hepatic abscess a history of dysentery is nearly always obtainable if carefully inquired for. Mason, of Brighton, who, judging from the symptoms that there must be some disease of the heart, made a brief examination, and found the cardiac dulness much increased. Of the lungs, the surface of the fluid is made to take a peculiar shape (call). He, of all men, should know the necessity not only of keeping the standard of medical education at its present height, but of raising it There is reason for great watchfulness pn the part of the State, and various county societies.