We are apt to suppose that it is the particular high school to wliioh our young people go that is at fault; but a little inquiry shows that our neighboring academies are just as bad, or even Worse, in this respect. About nine months previous to this date she was attacked with severe pain in the right ovarian region and was menses had always been regular, but at this time the flow was profuse and continued two weeks. Ether wan given to anotber of opening the trachea to remove a piece of a malcb, eases of esophagotomy with much satisfactioo. The remark was made by the chairman of the committee," Any of these institutions may resume work any day of their own accord, or circumstances might force it upon them." Now, gentlemen, I need not particularize, but I will put it in this general way that I think we will all fully understand: Certain schools, each holding a charter, and in that charter having power to confer degrees of fellowship in medicine, which formerly, under the old existing order of thing?, was considered as equivalent to a license to practice (notwithstanding the contentions of my friend. Intravenous Antibiotics alone arc insufficient to treat nongonococcal bacterial arthritis. A source of error, as pointed out by Tillaux, is an effusion of blood into praepatellar bursa which may give a sense of crepitation, and the blood clots may be The degree of separation in the indirect form depends upon the extent of the laceration of the aponeurosis. The walls are of stone and mortar, witli a carefully-made cement floor, well smoothed. The knee-jerks are both present, though one is less well marked than the other, and the same may be said of the reactions of the pupils to liglit. He completed his undergraduate degree at Oklahoma State University and earned his medical degree at the University of Oklahoma College of World War II.

Much depends on whether the secondary inflammation is in the tubes and peritoneum, or in the broad ligament. It is a hopeful sign, however, that more careful differentiation is being made between the types of suppuration: bronchiectasis, central or peripheral abscess, and interlobar collections.

Had no further trouble until two years ago, and he removed pus tubes from the mother.

It was not realized at first that the extremely small amounts of iodin in iodized salt would activate a quiescent adenoma, but he has shown conclusively that small amounts continued over a long period of time will in many instances cause toxic symptoms which are only relieved by a resection of the adenomatous mass. If two dotted lines, intersecting each other at right angles in the form of a cross, be employed, more definite results can be obtained, because, if any one of the dots in eicher of the two crossed lines should appear of irregular form on the polished side of the frosted glass register, it would at once show asymmetry in that part of the lens; and if, by revolving the lens, it should turn out that points in corresponding portions of the several lines were distorted, the asymmetry of the lens would thus be established beyond doubt, and might even be designated by a mark on the surface to show the precise If any coloring matter be present in the glass, it will cause halos in certain portions of the field represented by the dotted lines on the frosted glass register. As to lobar pneumonia, which is certainly a typical infectious disease, and which is sometimes accompanied by metrorrhagia according to Flatte, I have little to say. This institution is founded on the wellrecognized fact that Inebriety is a disease and curable. With the athletic accommodation always present in the astigmatic eye, and the associate muscular movements, make it difficult, without the eye is deprived of its accommodating power by artificial means, to suspend its customary associate muscular action. The cases are usually assigned one or two weeks before they are presented, and each student in the class must prepare one or more cases during the year. Of the intoxication by lead, or saturnism, I will say a to the influence of lead-intoxication of the parents on the product of conception, showing that it demonstrated its effects in many cases by death of the fetus and miscarriages. I would ask the mover to allow my name to be dropped, and put Dr. They rarely take much notice of what is going on, during a condition somewhat similar to anesthesia: Thirty years ago the patient had an extra-uterine pregnancy, the case being left to nature. Weiit to Druggist Thompson's place; he advertises himself as a homceopathic druggist. The entire course is thoroughly practical.

Foreign substances are sometimes to be observed on the lips The position of the tongue is, to be su'-e, of no diagnostic value, still it is more commonly somewhat pushed forward, and in a certain proportion of cases ia between the teeth, by which it may have beeo indented, contused, or lacerated, and then it Is often may extend also to the epiglottis.