On standing, it deposits a thick, ropy sediment, and often gives offensive odor because the retained urine undergoes decomposition. Ansesthesia is not unfrequently associated with neuralgia, and, what is more to the point, when the lesion is of a certain character, contraction of muscles may be associated with paralysis from cerebral lesions. During dentition respiration is likely to be markedly increased.

RncGill University; Dept, of Entomology, N. It is of practical importance, however, to realize that, under existing conditions, a negative Wassermann is significant only to the extent that a negative search for tubercle bacilli is significant' and that a positive reaction has just about the same value as a purely clinical opinion of a practicing physician of the same degree of expertness as the corresponding laboratory worker. The edge of the liver can be felt through the fluid. Cramps may be influenced by too much hard work, by a lack of exercise or a lack of fresh air. Abscesses of the mesenteric lymph-glands may also be due to suppurative cholecystitis and rarely to infective troubles of the genitourinary tract; and they occasionally originate as a complication of typhoid. The ball entered near the coracoid process and passed out over the spine of the Thomas on Ligation of Arteries. The toxicity of contact insecticides to seed-infesting insects. After the inunction,'heat should attention to the absolute necessity of securing and maintaining thorough elimination.

The mother should take a comfortable position, the nipple washed, and the nipple and part of the areola placed in the child's mouth. For the past two years or more, he has developed an extremely acid condition of stomach, at times worse than others. Any abnormal amino acid elevations can be quickly identified and a definite diagnosis of any of the amino acidurias be established. In conjunction with this media demonstration, several other exclusive interviews were arranged for Dr. Some comparative dulness could be recognised over the upper and anterior part of the left lung. He does not, however, describe any connection with the nuclei of cells.

For this purpose, Ave have long used perborate of is not antiseptic alone, indeed, the first dressings increase the flow of pus and surgeons are found Avho refuse to employ it on the ground that it increases the infection.

Some experiments of bis own were in the same line He Eound that when certain quantities of chloroform were given, sudden and great dilatation of the chambers of the heart followed; this occurred so rapidly as to seem as though we had here an action upon the muscle fibres themselves, or upon the fine nerve endings (which Berkley and others have now shown to be more common than supposed hitherto) rather than upon the uerve centres in the brain or cord (

This is not a joke by any means.

Never generalize, as the poor"scientist" does, but study each single case as if no other existed.

It was obvious that he must die if the limbs were retained, and no less so that amputation of both thighs would in all probability prove fatal.

All editorial and advertising correspondence should be directed to the Managing Editor. This disease is transmissible to the human subject; but, so far as examinations and investigations have at present gone, it is much less readily communicable than the trichosis felinis. At that time the swelling of the lower lip had become definitely smaller and the ulcerated masses were also somewhat smaller, but had not disappeared. Her remarks were referred to Reference Committee G. The antiseptic used should fill the following requirements: It should be cheap, of high microbicide power, potent in small doses, non-irritating, either to the patient's tissues or the physician's hands, its odour should not be disagreeable, nor should its retention or absorption by the patient lead to any toxic effects.

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