The pain should be controlled by morphine or other sedative. I need not dwell upon the characteristic symptoms of gonorrhoea! conjunctivitis, save that the specific micro-organism of gonorrhoea is always to be found in every genuine case. The trays and tables are regularly wiped and the floors swept and scrubbed, so that the quantity of tetryl is limited.

Uniforms were secured, their pockets removed and labelled; they were then washed, and the resulting washings were placed in a centrifugal machine until a sediment was obtained; this sediment was diluted and injected into later of tuberculosis. The logical inference then is; let the profession educate the people and let the people educate their representatives, and let the representatives give The great desideratum in this province as in other provinces is adequate funds for putting into practical effect regulations and laws already on our Statute Books. The causes of passive congestion are the same as those The symptoms of spinal congestion are a sensation of weight and fatigue in the legs and back, increased by any effort, so that continued exertion is impossible; pains, numbness, formication, and sensations of heat and cold, with increased susceptibility to changes of temperature and to pain and touch in the extremities; weakness, but not paralysis, in the entire muscular system, attended by an increase of reflex excitability; a diminution of sexual power, and a diminution of control over the bladder and rectum not sufficient to be termed incontinence.

Two seventh-grade classes, consisting of children of the same kind, were compared after one class had been for four months taught in a room so children were clothed in blanket coats and bloomers Vfith lined canvas boots. : A Contribution to the Arrangement and Functions ot the Cells of the Cervical Spinal Cord, to which is Appended a Note on Gehuchten, A.

The Local Government Board liave given their decision in the matter of the desire of the Leeds Town Council to erect houses on the back-to-batjk system on part of an"insanitary area" which has been cleared. Oj)ii to a pint of warm water. John of Jerusalem, a ii'.eiubor of tlie Order of Mercy, and a Fellow of the Uoyal t;ivil Service, aud was educated at St. The powder and cerate are reapplied and this dressing and cleansing are repeated on the third, fourth and fifth days, at which time the catgut sutures have usuall)' disappeared. On microscopic examination a few red corpuscles, a quantity "" of amorphous pigment, and some bladder epithelium were seen. - unfortunately this has involved a second reading (a form of amusement which I do not much apijreciate), in order to find out whether all the writers were dealing or intended to deal with the same cardiac affection, or whether each writer had a particular disease of his own to describe. Inoculation upon the arm with the matter of these sores produced an ulcer, which was immediately healed with the nitrate of silver; and a course of mercury was prescribed. At the highest point in the centre of the building, supported by the main iron cotumns, wan two upper storeys are the hospital proper. Die Begriffe Pyamie und Septhamie im Lichte der bakteriologischen Forschungsergebnisse") classifies the disease from an etiological and symptomatological standpoint. - the latter is a matter which will repay review, and with which I hope to deal at another time. Both membranes are supplied with nerves, the pia more abundantly. How is this to be accomplished? By a universal inspection, and the application of the tuberculine test to all milch cows, by a veterinary surgeon, not by the O'WTier, and by the destruction of all tu'berculous meat, and the isolation or death of diseased cattle.

Cooper, our chemical lecturer, as having been recommended by him at some manufactory (in the west of England I think), for the purifying of the water for the supply of the ingiuc-boilcr ( Ulceration of the interior of the larynx is marked, when slight, by trivial pain in that part, and some variation from the nabiral voice; when deep, by severer pain, and Ulceration of the trachea is seldom revealed by any symptom. Between the deltoid muscle and the joint is a large bursa, the subdeltoid or subacromion bursa. Let us seek the co-operation of the etatesmam, philanthropist, and the sanitarian, when, I have no doubt, we will succeed in curing the curable, and in making harmless the inculpable.

Coagulable lymj)h may be poured forth from the entire membrane, and abolish the cavity by glueing the whole of the pericardium to the heart: or serous fluid may be effused, which will distend the bag of the pericardium, and keep its smooth surfaces more or less asunder: or both serum and lymph may be effused together; or fibrin, in some shape or another, may be deposited, for aught I know, from the homogeneous fluid which is thrown out by the inflamed membrane in the first instance; and the result of this mixed eflusion may here also, as in the case of the pleura, be the partial adhesion But in the majority of instances the inflammation spreads over the whole membrane, as it is apt to do in serous membranes generally; and one of these two things happens: either there is a largecpiantityof liquid effusion, which is not reabsorbed; and then generally the patient dies in a few days: or there is not much liquid effusion, or the liquid part of it is absorbed, and the pericardium is permanently agglutinated to the heart, and apparent recovery takes jdace. There is reason to believe "" that they very often give occasion to extension of the infective process. Back to milk I ordered him and added two centigrams of cocaine to the powders.

His report is embeUished by drawinjis showing how machinery may with advantage replace hand labour, ana how ventilation of the vudons departments in match factories, The Nature ano Prevention"of Phosphorus Necrosis ( Under this lieading wo only include those cases in which Injury was sustamed by that'portion of tho large intestine which extends from tho level of the third sacral "" vertebra Morbid Anatomy. It is interesting to note that, while the pulse and respiration rates are both increased, the respirationrato has proportionately increased more rajiidly than the pulserate. The patient could plainly hear it; nay, it could be heard by a person standing near him, but not touching his body, even with a stethoscope.