Count name and address as five words, telephone number as one Pa. They belonged' to a materia medica of pure fiction. Avoid foolhardy exposure, but do not shirk danger. The usual technique I have used for the preparation of such sensitized vaccines has been to make an emulsion of the organism in as small a quantity of saline solution as order to kill the organisms; in certain cases that has The emulsion is added to the platelets, and their plasma under sterile paraffin, and exposed to a temperature of BLOOD PLATELETS IN lllEATMIINT OF DISEASE and washed free of all plasma and suspended in as small a quantity of normal saline as possible. Caseation, however, is quite independent of fatty metamorphosis, and may occur without it. The chosen candidates'' will give the mornings of the collegiate year to research, and the afternoons to the direction of undergraduate students in experimental physiology, under the supervision of a professor in the department." scandalous state of things in the management of Pfarrer Kneipp's establishment at Worishofen has been disclosed by a lawsuit brought against one of the male nurses there by the parents of a former patient.

These latent cases of encephalitis are far less friequent than those where the disease may be very strongly suspected or recognized with certainty. There was, he said, little to choose between the achievements of the Anglo-Saxon race, and less to be proud of. WARNING: Overdosage may cause muscle tremor and convulsions. Under the head of congestive, pernicious intermittent, in the strict sense, we must dass those cases where the malignant course of the disease is caused by hyperaemia, efiPusions of blood, inflammations, and, perhaps, also by obstructions of the circulation in different organs, induced by stoppage of the capillaries with pigment. Should the drainage succeed, and should it decrease the number of typhus and cholera cases, as the drying up of swamps sometimes does that of intermittent fever, the still youthftd science of hygiene would boast of a brilliant triumph. Wallis, where he spent the whole of his professional life. The prolapsed and invaginated portion of the gut showed numerous small ulcerations, was much congested, and bled freely upon touch. Bucknill was advised to live in a warmer climate; and this, no doubt, determined his application for the post of medical superintendent of the office for eighteen years. Increased frequence of pulse, heightened temperature, constitutional disturbance, pain in the head and limbs, dyspepsia, nausea, vomiting, disturbed sleep, and, in excitable children, deliriiun, occur also during simple catarrh, from catching ookL The local symptoms are generally very decided; the burning, reddened eyes shun the light, and are filled with tears, there is pain in the forehead, the nose is stopped, and discharges a copious, limpid, salty secretion; attacks of sneezing occur at short intervals, and often continue for hours; there is, sometimes, epistaxis, the voice is husky, the painful cough is hoarse and barking; at night, the attendants are often frdghtened by the symptoms of pseudo-croup, previously described the nose, and to extend upward to the mucous membrane of the frontal sinus and oonjunctiva, and downward to that of the larynx and trachea. It is designed, supervised and carried out by that specialty field and the expectation is that the or more specialties have agreed on a common first-year program Avhich Avill alloAV the candidate on completion of that first year to enter either of these specialties, or any of the specialties that have agreed to plan jointly and to sponsor that first year. I have had no opportunity to use it in any extensive epidemic of this per-cent. Just as in a frog pouoned by strychnine, in which tetanic spiasms may be induoed by merely tap' ping upon the table upon which he lies, so the slightest touch iqxm the skin or breath of air upon it, a fiiint jolt of the bed, the soimd of fice to bring on a new attack.

Elimination of elective ittternal podalic version atul extraction for delivery of the second twin. In the capillaries there may be complete stasis; Followed by diapedesis of white and red corpuscles. No involvement of pharyngeal glands; no secondary deposits anywhere.

It is customary, as the disease progresses, for joints, that have previously remained free, to become involved, and for the symptoms to reach their height in these, while it is subsiding or has even disappeared in those first inflamed. Side effects, when the c occur, are secondary to increased rates of I or without pain, leg cramps, and weight Diarrhea, vomiting, and nervousness have been observed. For the relaxation produced by Tartar emetic was certainly active and not passive, like that of tobacco, lobelia, and other emetics, which were sometimes given for the same purpose. Retraction of the cut muscle fibers will bring the costocoracoid membrane into view. The portion of the superficial layer of the amphibian palmar aponeurosis which covers the flexor brevis superficialis, has disappeared in the rcptilia or is represented in the flexor, if one prefers to state it that way. As for Owen's case, as recorded in tho Bkitish BIedicvl Journal,' a vein was divided, and the air was heard being sucked in with each breath with a hissing sound, and no attempt seems to have been made to apply a pad to the woimd. En miniature) may through the emissaria santorini which pass out in the sigmoid fossa. He can get that without ever having touched a written examination paper, and I am proud that we are able to offer that to the world; for it has happened again and again that a man who had real genius for a par ticular line of inquiry stumbled over the preliminary studies of which I have spoken, knocked at the door of our university in vain and was sent way.