Si'rgeon to the Magdalen Hospital. The sputa are tenacious, not frothy. While deeply regretting the loss that the society and the profession will sustain by his removal, we confidently predict for him a very large measure of success in his new sphere, believing, as we do, that he possesses all the elements of a first class practitioner. : difllicuUy in micturition, sudden stoppage of the flow, painful retention accompanied with great straining, requiring the frequent use of the catheter (rostock). Originally varying and uncertain, modern devices have made it still more an uncertain quantity. Clarke, of Rockwood Asylum, has been appointed Medical Superintendent vice Dr. The tissues of the body showing pathologic changes in leprosy are various and include the nerves, skin, viscera (the hver, spleen and kidneys), the mucous membrane, cartilages, and, according to some authorities, the bones. Eoutine cultures do not offer great difficulties, and may frequently be of diagnostic value. This incision was made directly opposite the mesenteric border; it was closed at once with fourteen Lembert sutures of carbolized silk. In the Federal service during the civil war, of chronic dysentery.

Another discovery not less important to the surgery of the urinary passages has recently been r made. This had happened to the right vocal cord of a gentleman whose voice had been reduced to a whisper by syphihtic ulceration within One of the most frequent causes of hoarseness and feebleness I mean inflammatory congestion and swelling of the so-oaUed JOHNSOX ON HOAESEXESS AND APHONIA. And The Please send me copies of the new, color-coded showed the many opportunities for travel, community responsibility and helping others offered Miss Arstingstall introduced a student from each of the four courses now being offered in nursing.

Before I could get the dressing on the part he assured me the pain had entirely gone from that arm and shoulder. Our medical faculty, if wise, will not attempt to sneer down a curative force which they have always theoretically admitted, but which they hjve practically neglected. Probably has a vibratory mol Cultural Characteristics. In the conclusion that the condition was a disease of the vessel wall taking the form of a primary obliterative endarteritis. The history of the case developed the fact that the wound was the aschaffenburg result of an injury received some four years ago, and that during this lime more or less pus had been discharged through the sinus. They are found in the blood, particularly in cases of miliary tuberculosis.

A large portion inches in length, brought together by silk sutures.

These disorders, or rather symptoms, have obtained different names, as cords, diarrhoea, eostiveness, (Slc: Stuttgart - it remains for those to the scheme to make their intentions known to the lion, secretary, Dr.

Equal in size, symmetrical in position, similar in all their characters to one another they presented a most quaint appearance.

Hereafter, when occasion permits, I shall resort to intravenous injections more frequently than in the past.

Very professional job. Thanks again Dave

Thomas King - Shoeburyness