Gay called attention to the circumstance that the healthy skin on each side of the cicatrix was in "" a state of great tension, and apparently unable further to yield to the contracting power of the scar. A seed contains the germinative cell, login a specific ferment, and the stored food. Most of these cells were small, with round, very deeply-staining nuclei, almost filling the cell.

Thus, in resections of the knee, elbow, or ankle, an apparatus may be nioiilded to the part previous to the operation, taken ofl" and reapplied. Shuford, of Tyler, Texas, has written a brochure on the treatment of internal hemorrhoids with the injection of carbolic acid, which was mentioned in a previous number of the Review.

The patient made cut surface exhibits a pearly translucent appearance:

On investigation I was surprised to find the blood emanating from two small orifices in the funis not larger than pin holes, within the eighth of an inch of each other, and about twice that length from the abdominal surface; the cord having been previously ligatured for security in two places, I was obliged to apply a third one below the points of hemorrhage bordering on the umbilicus, which stopped all further flow, and the separation took place without any difficulty or trouble, It struck me while dividing the communication between the mother and child, that it was rather shorter than usual, but did not think more about it until searching for the cause. One of the physical signs which was difficult to explain, was the apparent enlargement kohler of the area of cardiac dulness to the left and the slight enlargement to the right.

The recent experiments of Professor Atwater have been freely cited in support of the foregoing criticism, and also of the view that alcohol is entitled to rank as a food with In the summary of tlie report of Professor Atwater's experiments, issued by the United States Department of Agriculture, the following paragraphs are found: As regards the special aetion of alcohol three important burned, as completely as bread, meat, and other ordinary foods the potential energj' of the alcohol was transformed into heat or muscular energy.

Mixed infection with streptococci occurred in some cases, and in one proved fatal. The cremasteric reflex and the abdominal reflex were present. Appetite always has been very poor. Cultures from the heart's blood gave a i)ure culture of Type I pneumococcus. The pupae may be either naked or enclosed in the The production of living young occurs in some groupsIn the forest-flies and sheep-ticks, or" keds," the young may be born as fully matured larvae in a puparium case, which is at first white, but soon darkens. Case VIII., complaining of all his old symptoms six months after the settlement of his damage claims, we have an ample refutation of the views that these nervous affections do not occur where there is no question as to damages and that prompt recovery always follows the settlement of damage claims. Pathologically, surely a cervical rib is not an" osseous tumor." If one desired to look up what was said in reference to such anomalies of development, the last title under which he would look would be" Osseous Tumors." Similarly, should one desire to consult this work on Fistulse of the Neck, and Persistent Thyreoglossal Duct, the only probable title in the table of contents is" Liquid Tumors of the Neck;" and on turning to this, while considerable is said as to congenital cysts, and there is a short paragraph on the relation of these cysts to the lymphatic system, not a word is said as to the congenital fistulae, and not a word as to the thyreoglossal duct.

The second "" specimen comprised both lunfjs. An examination of some of the old specimens in any Pathological museum will show more or less good examples of distortion of the head of the femur and other bones with" eburnation," osteophytic outgrowths around the edges of the articulation and more or less formation of new bone, either encrusting the adjoining area or developing in stalactite fashion in the attachments of neighbouring muscles and fibrous structures: rewards. This is not the case with the esters which are extremely stable compounds ( It is extravascular, and is not dissolved by alkalies. Thus, although there is no resident physician, and the house physician may not be present, the attending physician can review the"initial history" of the patient readily and by the bedside whenever he wishes to call for this sheet. The cholesterol "" content of the blood is increased in certain pathologic conditions.

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