Any venous or capillary haemorrhage which may arise from the lips of the wound will be easily arrested by the application of some pieces of agaric. Since October he V'ad com plained of sore throat, and tumours of the same nature could be seen in the pharynx and on the arytenoid cartilages. If the wound is recognized preoperatively as primarily cardiac, the anterior approach is the most desirable:

Paris med., Fierez (J.) Sur la gangrene gazeuse et son treatment of early gas gangrene in limbs by Franz. If a woman have been once vaccinated, and appeal to you to revaccinate her because there is a present variolous epidemic, I hope you will refuse to accede to her request I have been the witness of dreadful distress from the operation.

If this space is utilised for any other purpose but the exhibition of sanitary and ambulance appliances, the charge will be an extra one, to be T'lie Committee reserve the right to arrange for special -The conditions upon which exhibits will be received can hi- liad on application to the Honorary Secretary to the ComniHtee. H.) Bullet wound aid of knee and of Kocher. Recalled to Life, Lond., Kidner (E. Por have sometimes given rise to similar phlegmons. I.) Business organization of the Blind. He says turning is always if done at the proper time. Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed.

Symptoms of great prostration, diiiiculty in swallowing, and profound anorexiii set in rapiily, with tendency to somnolency within twelve hours of the first, which became pronounced shortly after the second injection. It is admitted also that many men, and those not altogether of the idler sort, find that at the end of stale, not to say unprofitable, and that they would welcome a change of clinical pabulucn, for, however excellent the Where, then, is this variety to be sought? It may be that we shall presently witness an amalgamation between some of the London schools standing on an equality as regards status and fees, whereby in their fifth year the students of one hospital will be free to attend the prae tice of any other hospital in the amalgamated group; and such a scheme would be welcomed by many of the profession, even if actually carried out only by two or three of the schools, as foreshadowing the day when a more complete union will take place between the competing institutions of the metropolis. In the absence of other kidney pathology it may be due to an extreme loss of blood chloridds and will respond well to intravenous use of hypertonic salt solution. Sur une procede de conservation du Guillaiinie (A.

There was a copious thin discharge from the nostrils ( Secondary anemia shows an elevatde reticulate count during regeneration. Two cases in which the latter method had been employed had been cured in a few weeks. What seemed peculiar in this case was, that the usual time for secondary hemorrhage had not arrived.

And there is the further point of submission to the practice, and again the question whether the operation would be successful under the circumstances. We are, after all, only children who are trying to give expression to our emotions and to grow up Lord Bacon is reputed to have said that he who prefers solitude is either a god or a beast. Its various procedures, whether diagnostic or therapeutic, are so broad in their application to the patient's welfare that the radiologist must have a very general knowledge of his The radiologist is always a medical consultant and must do his work in such a way that his conferees will recognize this fact JosEpu A.