Each should be practiced in turn, and the information gained nicely weighed in the formation of the diagnosis. They wanted me to call a specialist, The specialist came promptly and after greeting me, asked,"Well, Hocutt, what have you down here?" I said,"Doctor, I have a typical case of Henoch's purpura." The specialist said,"What's that?" I told him I had a typical description of the disease in Stelwagon, which I showed him and he read carefully. N'itzelnadel pointed out some years ago that the secretion of sweat is governed both by spinal as well as by sympathetic nerves; and llic experiments of V'ulpian, Luchsinger, Adamkiewicz, etc., show that secreting fibres run in the sympathetic as well as in Its plexuses. In speaking of the Franks after they had settled in France, Gregory of Tours" his count; each man loves to do evil, and freely indulges presuiQes to oensure or restrain hiii seditious subjects, BcliJom escapes alive from tlieir revenge." This was tlio under the vigorous adrainistmbion of Charlomagne, there was nmch more central autliority and restraint; but how eomplftely this dciKJudiid upuu the action of his own great mind in reducing to order the elementary confusion of tho times into which he was thrown, is illustrated by the rapid dissolution of Im empire within Italf a century after hifl deatli. The eruptive stage lasts about three days, and then follows the period of desquamation, or decline of the disease.

They consist primarily in rupture of the abdominal wall, and, later, of sero-sanguinolent infiltration of the margins of the wound, similar to that accompanying the formation of an abscess. The treatment is, above all, of a preventive nature, investigation having proved that injections of anti-tetanic seram, before the first appearance of tetanus, are invariably effectual. Additional legislation was passed to extend the protection of patient The actual notification of partners at risk is often difficult to The provider referral method has a higher rate of location and notification of partners. From may be caused by eye strain, disease of the eye, infection in the paranasal sinuses, or diseased tonsils and adenoids. Whatever the nature of the tumour, ablation is ad-' visable. " Philosophy, aa hitherto pursued, has taken mucJi from a fffto things, or UitU from a great iiumy." Such is the succinct dotcriptiou of tlie methods adopted by the two great classes who had hitherto managed the fabricated the entire system of the tiniverae, and produced it before die credulous multitudca; and the Empirical, who made no uid of experiments, and out of a meagre and undigested mass of factd, drew a phantasmagoria to occupy the stage for a time, Sudi were the alchemists uf his day; and from the time of fiaoon to tlie present hour we have not beeu without examples of these The power of systems to eucliain the reason is, in some measure, due to respect for what is old. I recall having, a few years ago, a case of Henoch's purpura. The non-gravid modified only by a longer sojourn in bed, thereby giving time for firm consolidation of the operative wound. Sweating after muscular exertion, and as a icflex result from cutaneous irritation, is not taken into consideration in speaking of the head; but psychical influences take part in it, particularly in localised anidroses and hyperidroses, the origin of some of which is still very doubtful.

Under the title piroplasmosis is included a group of diseases caused liy hfemosporidia, and found in animals of the bovine and ovine species. It contains fibrinous flocculi in suspension.

Not only would this be good medicine, but it will be well received by the patient. Among the etiological factors or rather associated with this disease may be mentioned jaundice; and Kaposi, Ilardaway, and others are inclined to believe that the xanthoma growths are also In presenting these various skin affections, I have by no means exhausted the subject. He is chiefly known by his work on Ancient Faiths Embodied in Ancient Namef, in which he deals with the evidences of phallic worship amongst Jews and other nations. Arteries The arteries are rarely the seat of lesions that can be detected by examination, and therefore such exammation is usually limited to noting the state of the pulse. Since no method existed to calibrate the sphygmograph, identical instruments could exert different pressures on the radial artery and, therefore, even produce two different readings for actual arterial blood pressure of versions required the physician to insert a cannula into the artery, exert pressure directly upon a column of mercury, the tube of which registered the arterial pressure in millimeters. A horse, therefore, should be brought home after his exercise as cool as possible, and, if washed, he should be carefully rubbed dry.

Foss describes it,"with eight rooms, and stands on flat, badly-drained, stiff" clay ground. The symptoms are great intolerance of light, profuse lachrymation, and sometimes pain, coming on in one eye after an injury to the other.

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