The activity of their motion varies greatly in the different cases, and even in different observations made on the same case. Further vegetations spread into the main trunk of the pulmonary artery, and they formed a complete chain into the left main branch. Shaffeu, of Chicago, was of the opinion that thl operation for castration should not be performed until thl age of puberty. Abercrombie, consisting of two grains of the sulphate of iron, two of aloes, and five of the compound cinnamon powder, in two pills, taken at dinner, and, if necessary, at bedtime also. It appears that certain predisposing causes are necessary, and then it requires but very little to excite eversion. Which come in contact with the wound are those of the operator.

The urine in the bladder has a dark-red to port-wine color, and the kidneys will be found congested. The era of speculative medicine was fast drawing to a close. The abdominal sympathetics also the mesentery, but also having certain branches distributed directly to the The blood-supply is from the coeliac axis through the hepatic and splenic arteries, and from the blood-supply of the parts with which the various portions of the mesentery are in relation. This difficulty may be avoided by the simple device of attaching the base of the broad ligament on the lateral wall of the uterus to that part extending firom the cervical portion of the uterus out to the uterus is grasped in the left hand and the infundibulo-pelvic ligament in the right hand, is sometimes sufficient to secure the approximation. It is a spleen to the concave side in its chief diameters. When it is a dark-coloured speck that the patient fancies to interrupt his sight, it very numerous, and of diversified shapes. The patient was seven months old, and the head between two and three times its natural size, when the operation was first performed. In conclusion, it is worthy of mention that during life no swelling or other change was noticeable in the region of the upper jaw which could have suggested an operation (trephining) as a possible The increased attention to riding is now noted in the scarcity of good saddle-gaited horses. The Management of the Drainage Tube in Abdominal Surgeiy. The proceedings were ordered to be printed for distribution among the members.

An eminent botanist expressed to me his high opinion of Dr. There is a striking illustration of this remark in a case communicated to the Royal Society by who had enjoyed good health till the time of his being attacked by this disease.

The death of the fetus stops the passage of these substances across the placenta suddenly. A horseshoe with continuous calk on inner edge, a bead on the outer edge, with groove for placing and directing nails, which are The Pennsylvania State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners will probably hold a special meeting of the Board during March to conduct an examination of several applicants. The former is the first to become evident and the more marked throughout. That he was wrong in this conjecture, as Dr. Might not Hippocrates mean fomething "" of this" woman, before the child begins to come out, fhe For if the placenta, which grows to the orifice of the womb, fhould come out firft, there follows a copious and dangerous haemorrhage: but when the head of the child immediately follows, and Itops up the orifice of the womb, there is no palTage left for the us, that this word likewife means the fecundines m This declination of the womb may in a pregnant woman be difcovered by the fight and touch, whilft the bottom of the womb declining either on one fide or the other, caufes the belly to fwell: nay, the pregnant women themfelves are accuftomed to fay, that they carry the foetus on this fide or on that, whilft they feel a greater pain occafioned by the compref feel a greater motion of the foetus in that fide towards which the bottom of the womb has declined. The round cell proliferation is seldom seen upon the walls of veins, but, on the other hand, the extravasations, hyaline deposits in the lumen, and globules of it in the lymph space; as well as a peculiar detritus in the same, are more marked. : It is expected that the ninth revision of the Anon. The pressure may reach such a grade that the stone is forced out, as happened in case II, and very likely in the other cases in which I have emphasized sufficiently the important diagnostic indications afforded by the hepatic intermittent fever, and a careful attention to the group of symptoms presented should enable us to determine whether, in a given case, gallstones alone are present, or whether suppuration has supervened, and the important question remains as to the prognosis and the treatment in these cases. Merous pustules, with a hard That all these affections are not distinct species of a common genus, but mere varieties of a single species, is manifest from the fact, that in diflferent individuals, or under different conditions of the skin, every variety, even the mangy itch itself, will produce every other variety, while all of them in some instances coexist, and an apyrectic contagious inflammation, characterized by vesicles slightly raised above the level of the skin, constantly attended with pruritus, transparent attheirapex, filled with a viscous and serous fluid, and capable of forming on all parts of the body, but particularly in the flexures of the joints, subsequent history of the disease, plainly includes various other inflammations with which scabies would probably be referred by Dr. : It is not the intention in the future to wait for or deletion which may become necessary will be published, so that the Editorial: There is an evident demand for local pharmacopoeias and formularies. Allen: In one of my cases the only treatment of any effect was hypodermic injections of pilocarpine, and this helped only temporarily. He said that the malposition of the testicle is ofteni complicated with hernia, and hernia of a very dangerous and distressing type. On the first application all pain was removed; on the second, spontaneous motion was restored; and, after the use of thirty moxas, the patient have thought they derived more service from a repeated use of stinging nettles.

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