This inventory must be sworn to before a justice of the peace and kept on file subject to inspection, together with the record which the law requires of all administration, dispensation United States Treasury Department has furfurther called attention to the following statements with reference to the operation of the'' That the period for which registration must of the Government fiscal year. Recognizing his old trouble, he sought my advice about returning to the sanatorium. It is, therefore, not unlikely that I may have overrated the inijjortance of these experiments, when I say that to me they appear to settle the point at issue.

When this retraction has taken place, a great portion of the red or interlobular tissue of the liver no longer exists, and we only see an irregular agglomeration of yellow tubercles of different sizes, and the whole organ becomes hardened and shrivelled. Precise technic for cephalic version. As that variety of dropsy called hydrothorax, in which the cavity of the chest is the seat of the disease, is consideied to be the one in which the digitalis is most serviceable, the fox-glove had been ordered; and the broom (planta genista) with which it was combined agreed so well with our patient, that it was impossible to avoid remarking, that it seemed as if the ancient cog-nizance of the Plantagenets was destined to be the most auspicious remedy administered to a Prince of the House of York. Pain, however, if there is pain, does not occur in duodenal ulcer until two or three hours after taking food. C, remarks," the connection of that disease with inflammation has not been established." This chapter on inflammation is a condensed account of the disease, the history of its symptoms, complications, causes, and anatomical characters is detailed in a masterly manner.

James TCwing once stated that all the bad results he had seen from the radiation treatment We believe it is desirable, therefore, that a week or more should elapse between curettage and the insertion of radium into the uterus. In order to obtain the viewpoint of the general reading public the article is printed on unglazed papers of different tints and qualities ( Every student should be so well grounded in his knowledge of the causes and development of mental diseases that he could return to his own community a teacher himself and a leader in the investigation of the causes responsible for mental defect or breakdown. She equal, and expressed herself as feeling quite comfortable, with the exception of a smarting sensation along the line of incision. I desire here to express my gratitude to Doctor Voight for having furnished the pertussis vaccine used, and to my colleagues. There are, however, many dangers and discomforts which may by early recognition be avoided. The Treatment of Sexual Impotence in discussed various phases of tJie problem of male impotence. This is important, for, with such a varying degree of tension around living ceils, the latter find it difficult to accommodate themselves to their surroundings, as, as the result of their failure to do this, their lives cease. B., No other member of the family of this remarkable man was of an extraordinary size. The temperature of the water, and the pressure, can readily be regulated to suit. I should recommend, then, in all cases where the abscess is extensive, and the quantity of matter evacuated in the first instance is large, that the child should be separated from the breast at once, especially if an opportunity offers of giving it the advantage of a hired nurse; for I am well persuaded that many of the formidable symptoms which we observe in chronic cases of this kind are dependent on the the continuance of the ulcer on the one hand, and the keeping up of the secretion of milk on the other; and I am equally as well persuaded, that the secretion formed under this state of tlisease and debility does not possess sufficient nutrient properties to sustain the infant in health; nor, indeed, is it impossible that pus may pass into its stomach along with the milk it takes, the injurious consequences of which I need not The practice of allowing the child only to take the healthy breast, and endeavouring to put a stop to the formation of the secretion on the diseased side, is, I think, even more injudicious than continuing it at both; for such a sympathy exists between the organs, that if one is kept constantly in a state of activity, the other will not remain idle; and as more blood will be determined to the affected breast than is required for natural purposes, it is reasonable to infer that the inflammatory dis position will be favoured, and the cure thereby protracted. The use of differential pressure is absolutely necessary to overcome these factors. If, however, the conception be tubal, or parietal, it generally happens that the sac bursts long before the foetus has arrived at fourth month; it then escapes into the abdominal cavity, and the woman dies of internal hipmorrhage, occasioned by the rupture of the sac.

I express to you our profound and sincere Professor of the Surgical Clinic, of the Free L'niversity of Brussels; President of the International Congress It is earnestly hoped that the medical profession will respond to this appeal made by our colleague in The Cutter Lecture on Preventive Medic-ine and Dean of the School of Medicine and Surgery, University of Michigan, on the subject,"The Phenomena These lectures are given annually under the terms of a bequest from John Clarence Cutter, whose will provided that the lectures so given should be styled the Cutter Lectures on Preventive Medicine, and that they should be delivered in Boston, and be free to the medical profession and the press.

And it may be more than a coincidence that of recent years there appear to have been fewer attempts on the life of the ruler of one such country than on those of other lands. In addition, I have presented a few cases histories from our own files which defintely proves that the nervous system in the allergic is hyperactive. The nature of the so called surgical capsule will explain the surgical experience that the larger the prostatic tumor, the easier will be its enucleation.

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