Mo followed close up with the battalion in tins attack and. They From the foregoing remarks it must be evident that some ailments can be cured more quickly by this method than by any other, but in the majority of cases, massage is simply a part of the general management. This he argues is brought about by a like force expended upon the ciliary muscle, since each have the same nerve supplv.

Good advice, not the representation of interests, to substitute" shall" f(u-"may" in that part of the bill not that of prescription; the form was that" His Majesty it meant that His Majesty"would." He hoped that"all who came in to advise would take a wide view of their functions, and would regard prevention of disease as betterthan its treatment. Its lymphatics are also relatively limited. Confinement to the house, if not to out of hot water, hot, not too heavy, poultices of flaxseed or slippery elm, best relieve the tension and pain. Accordingly small catheters which did not tightly fit were inserted, and passed for about one and a half inches along the ureter. In the severe types of malarial fever they are pigmented. He also analyzed an equal number of control cases with the same infections which had no heart lesions. Neuritie of the peripheral nerves has been found. Thirst is present and the voice grows tiiint. As already stated on several occasions the committee which is endeavouriug to find accommodation for visitors to the meeting is encountering great difficulties owing to the fact that many of the large hotels in London are still occupied by various Goveruuient departments, and the others are very full. A clean, uncarpeted room, with no lace curtains, should be selected.

In instances in which the symptoms have yielded. Case for an example: A young child, aged three, is brought for treatment soon after the onset of symptoms, with a very slight kniirkle in the middorsal region. In most cases there were palpable changes in the membrana tampani, and those cases in which such changes were not present came under observation at so late a stage that there otitis without facial palsy. The small bile-ducts are filled with swollen de";enerated epithelium. Great importance attaches to immediately stopping any diarrhoea which occurs while an epidemic of cholera is prevalent, and to further this end it is advisable for the local government to appoint special medical inspectors to go from house to house. The bleeding has In closing the discussion Dr.

Infection ceases with the termination of desquamation and convalescence. I immediately injected all the warm water that the bowel could take, and repeated it.

Diarrhea; buried on his estate at Monticello, Va. This is not so much the fault of the doctor as it is of the social code; but the medical profession acquiesces in the outrage of misfit marriages, and lies Some Thoughts Relative to Sending Patients advice as to whether the patient should seek a change of climate, and where to go.

Notu;e of the Secretary of Stale for War by Jlajor-Clenera! Kxpeditiouary Force, tor valuable and distiuguishod services rendered in connexion with the operations in North Russia. The tit involves the whole of the right side, including the face, arm, and leg, the head being turned strongly to the right. To say that a patient who shows primary optic atrophy is suffering from"tabes," although his ankle and knee jerks are normal and he has no disturbance of the functions of the posterior columns, reveals a complete want cf comprehension of the meaning of disease.

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