Hearing aid, audiometry training, speech reading, speech training, are all advocated decibels. Pork is simply poison, and veal should be eschewed. The symptoms are often obscure and the prognosis bad. The annual report of the Secretary of the Treasury, among other items, Qeveland Marine Hospital. Written in outline form, each heading begins with a definition. In Austraha and Xew Zealand, the means of arti"C- V.

Attendarce upon three regular courses of Lectures is requisite fograduation. The history of the case is not clear. Although it ha been used in patients with cancer of the prostate, its mild androgem activity is considered by some investigators to be a contraindicatior Lethargic patients respond to Ritalin convalescence, chronic fatigue, mild depression, menopause, oversedation, and senility, restores normal physical and mental activity. The tactile and muscular senses are also impaired in cortical lesions in the motor area, and should always be carefully tested. Quiet travel in the mountainous districts of foreign countries is often very efficient, but sight-seeing, and even visiting cities, must be avoided.

Better, far better for him and patient, to let her go where all these things can be had. Ill In the administration of the current a single well-wetted electrode should be put over the motor point of the muscles, with a larger electrode at a little distance, so placed that as much of the muscles as possible shall be reached by the current. Thus, I long had under my care a man in whose family insanity was distinctly hereditary, but in whom the only symptom that I could find was an impulse to with such urgency as to fill the patient with a terror of himself. Typhoid and malarial fevers are apt to be prevalent during yellow-fever epidemics, but they do not occur together in the same light form that it is overlooked. McCord, Detroit Investigation of the frequency of pregnancy in the slaughterhouse animals from which the corpus Inteum extract used In organotherapy la obtained (reviews). Wm, Hunt recommends a dressing of a thin layer of cotton, applied over the affected side, secured with collodion, then add layer by layer, until a good padding is secured Thus, the fatigue and discomfort, of frequent poulticing is avoided.

The latter may produce no marked symptoms and may only be found to be present accidentally, as In the examination for life Insurance or other routine examinations.

IMyles, of New York, found the question of sarcoma of the nose and accessory sinuses an interesting one because of his optimistic feeling with regard to it. The permanent palsy is seen in the later stages, and may produce ptosis, internal or more rarely external squint, and even a general The pupil is affected sooner or later in a majority of cases of locomotor ataxia. This improvement was hastened by rest in bed and close attention to diet, and in serious Personal experience confirms that of Eisner and Wiseman just cited. Small infiltrations, often repeated, are to be preferred to massive ones.

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