Delivered by William Seaman Bainbridge, M. Oles also there were found learned women; the Duchess von Wiirttemljerg publicly opposed the Tiibingen professor, Mauchard, in a disputation of an hour's length. Statham will, even in the event of his succeeding in his defence, have been mulcted, in fact, of a very heavy fine, amounting to many was given for the defendant on all the counts of the indictment. The principle of a Central International Red Cross Bureau, designed to enable all the indvidual Red Cross societies to pull together and mutually help one another in time of peace, has been definitely accepted, and the broad lines on which it should work have been laid down. Temporary relief was afforded by tapping, but the vital powers soon flagged, and she died a month after admission. After this portion has been removed and a mere shell of cerumen remains adhering to the walls of the canal, gentle syringing will readily remove the As rare results of the removal of large masses of the cerumen, have been reported rupture of some of the small vessels of the canal, with the formation of a hematoma; or long pressure, diminishing the tonicity of the vessel walls, transudation of serum into the middle ear has occurred.


Fractures of the Bones // of the Nose. The subsequent treatment was rest in bed for ten days, suitable diet, and an aperient.

There is oil enough where that upon the skin comes from, and the vessels which produce it are not injured by work, any more than the muscles of the legs are by walking: Certain points are of particular interest, and by no means sufficiently "in" realized by the medical profession at large. The colic is associated with hematuria and often pyuria exists with frequency of micturition. To reduce these, a greater amount of power is needed than log in the muscles which are to be overcome.

Many patients have so little reactive energy, that while they can bear a half pack, so called, the entire sheet would abstract so much caloric from the body as to injure them. When none is found, it has either eluded observation or it has been slight and has healed before examination was made for it.

It omits fish, which is as readily decomposed as fowl and failto reach the case of cold storage, a- it speaks only of sale at retail. In districts where it prevails, high hills are exempt, and even the upper stories of houses are more healthy than the lower. Moderately hot water, applied by means of saturating a flannel, is by far the most preferable. In some instances the larynx is attacked and the voice becomes almost inaudible, without, however, being completely lost. In cures a free dislodgement of viscid cretions and relieves dyspnoea and in offensive catarrhs is good either s snuff or a" wash. The period of incubation after inoculation or inspiration varies from three to five days; it may extend to three weeks. Parts killed in this way are said to he frost-b Uteri. Mouat presents us with a report embracing the widest range of information which it is in his power to supply; in fact, so zealous is he that we find an expression of regret because, during bis absence, certain sanitary functions, which were proposed to be attached to his ordinary duties, were declined by the officer acting as his locum tenens, and he would like the proposal to be revived, so that he might have an opportunity of expressing his own sentiments thereon. I have Uwud it useful in catarrhal cougfis of winter, especially in such cliildren as are troubled with worms, I have used sulphur in chlorosis with decided advantage. The inquest on the woman who died from aortic constriction at the Bishop's-road station terminated in a verdict of" death from natural causes." Besides Mr. The liver and spleen were normal externally, but somewhat softened, and tilled with dark liquid blood.