At all events, the existence of this symptom is a very clear indication that there is a complete obstruction in the cystic duct. Being a Discourse on Degeneration and Its Gentlemen and Ladies: As I survey the medical activities of the present time they seem to be working in three distinct streams of fruitful and progressive effort.

The general display of objects so grand and multifarious is formidable enough: but not half so formidable as their representation in detail. Colored; married; works in a marble shop. Hence a perpetual nictitation, strabismus, or blindness, is no unfrequent consequence. " You will have the light in your eyes, and only the little table between you and a very disagreeable neighbor," she said.

The idea of this work was a happy one, and, we trust, for the benefit of students, that the author will extend it to" We recommend every Student of Medicine to purchase a copy of this work, as a labor-saving machine, admirably adapted to refresh the memory, with knowledge" This work is from the pen of a Philadelphia anatomist, whose familiar knowledge of the subject has been aided by the press, the result of which is a volume of great" The delineations are good, and the plan pursued by the author, of placing the acceptable work could not be offered, for facilitating an adequate acquaintance with the elements of neurology. The carbolic acid should be applied with a camePs-hair pencil, under the light of a mirror. Hence on the average, about his experience.

While in this locality the number of those who suffered from it may not have been as large as in the history of some former epidemics, yet it numbered very many victims. He prefers this treatment to laparotomy, but admits that it is only applicable to those cases where septic infection has not already taken place.

Perhaps, not by brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers having had the disease, but by their having had other affections of the nervous system. Observation needs certain helps to give it a pathological aim; but these are only subordinate; and it still belongs to observation to concentre all that they are capable of teaching in the real knowledge of disease. This method of treatment seems to have grown out of the intraocular mercurial injections suggested by Abadie two years previously for cases of sympathetic ophthalmitis, and practised by Reymond and others. The decussation of the pyramids took place higher than usual. What is the difference between ptomains and leukomains? Ptomains (ptomatins) are basic organic compounds, resembling vegetable alkaloids, and produced by the action of bacteria on nitrogenous matter. How does the antidote act? Common table salt, sodium chlorid. To him, and to him alone, is due the credit of the law which makes it possible for every poor service which has already saved the lives of a very large number of County, who, with eleven children of their happy union, now survive him. The chyle is received into a set of very minute tubes, called lacleals, which are exceedingly numerous, and arise by open mouths from the inner surface of the abomasum and intestines.

In the complicated case the pericarditis subsided, In chronic cases the remedy acts somewhat less (muscular rheumatism) a complete cure was rheumatic osteomyelitis and sciatica, however, the remedy seems to produce only slight and and temporary amelioration. The more direct mechanical stimulants are sharp-pointed ossifications formed in the membranes of the brain, or arising from the internal surface of the cranium; splinters of a fractured cranium, or the introduction of some wounding instrument. This occasions no smarting or pain, and often cures cases of months' standing in two or three weeks. Tlie acute inflammatory stage may be followed by fibrous ankylosis of the articular extremities of tbe bones, or it may lead to suppuration of the joint, and consequent disorganisation. Occasionally, even after marked betterment of all the symptoms, convalescence does not occur; and at the end of four or five days the disease fever, headache, with confusion of thought and perhaps delirium; hot minute, without a proportionate increase of respiration; and a rise in temperature of from three to seven degrees.

While I have seen great depression and an almost collapsed condition from the sudden deprivation of the accustomed drug, and have felt it my duty to resort to other stimulants for a short time, yet, with care, I think an opium-eater may have his narcotic taken from him with absolute safety. His answers were perfectly rational, and when I feigned to doubt his sincerity, he repeated a part of what I had said to the students, on the preceding day, in regard to the absurdity of his fears. Acetphenetidin was found a very satisfactory remedy, but had the disadvantage of causing sometimes copious sweats and frequently a measly eruption and cyanosis; it was best years, from gr.

D., a laborer, twenty-nine years old, had a progressive, septic, phlegmonous inflammation, extending over the whole of the forearm and the lower part of the humerus, as the result of a contused wound of the hand.

A diaphoretic treatment if indicated may be adopted either by warm baths or the pack, while the subcutaneous injection of pilocarpine (the heart's action being closely watched) will prove of much benefit. On hysterectomy, others on face presentations, and a masterly address by the President, Prof. The new organization starts out with a membership of about fifty.

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