In many eases in which the feet of roadsters have been injured by fast driving on hard roads, light work on soft plowed ground, barefooted or with tip shoes, will often take the place of a run at pasture.

During that period small-pox has diminished to almost nothing, whilst the other diseases have continued practically endemic, as during the preceding period of twenty years. In the second place, the left-hand day-column of each plate contains but two days, and in each case these are the last two of the intercalated the Kan years. Certain precautions must be maintained in using these sulfonamides. This membrane swells considerably, and forms a large prominence of a vermilion-red colour, which pushes forward the upper eyelid and causes it to project sometimes to the size of a nut, or even of a small apple, owing in part to an oedematous infiltration. An H, L, or T incision, taking in the breadth of the articulation, when sufficiently long, will expose perfectly the heads of the bones. The pain, photophobia, and other symptoms may be less severe in tuberculosis, but in other respects the symptoms may be fat deposits appear on the posterior surface of the cornea in the tuberculous type, and nodular thickenings appear in the iris stroma or on its surface.

Misdirection of personal energy toward no goal, or an unattainable goal, or in useless or hopeless conflict is commonly an answer to the question, why does an alcoholic drink? inability to evaluate self, home, and economic factors incidental to these conditions often accompanies the deterioration or disintegration of the alcoholic personality. C, Ovoid (of the peptic glands), Acidophil. Two of the reports mention the appearance of a rash after the use of antipyrin. A name given by Paracelsus to a tumour filled with a gelatinous matter, like the UNDOSUS, (from unda,'a wave,') Cymatodes. Present Illness: Patient began to have trouble Physical Examination: Thin individual with of the stomach he was thought to have had five years ago; but no evidence now, however, a large mass in the mediastinum was found and this was a pulsating mass. See Corrosive Sublimate and Calomel.

The following committees were appointed: Executive CHAMBERLAIN-RICE HOSPITAL STAFF MEETING, NATCHEZ, MISSISSIPPI the rhino-pharynx (cockle burr). Biloxi was the scene of the meeting in May by-laws, and the office of president-elect was added From this meeting dates our active interest in the Preventorium, which at that time was a health camp for undernourished and underprivileged children situated on the coast. Aberrations from this progress occur, which must be attended to; as the same preservative influence is not exerted by irreg'ular or spu'rious cowpox. To bring the usefulness of the Annual to its highest standard it was deemed advisable to increase the length of the abstracts, so as to make it possible to fully convey an author's meaning and to furnish the reader with sufficient data to enable liim to utilize that author's suggestion to the best advantage. The appetite should also be noticed, signs of the presence or absence of pain, dullness, or nervousness.

A urine containing alkapton may be readily distinguished from one containing grape sugar by the following properties: it becomes dark brown in color slowly on exposure to the air and very rapidly if rendered alkaline with sodic or potassic hydrate. So, at this point, we can ask ourselves if the case that is being reported here, today is not the result of not so are we not dealing with the clinical picture of polyneuritis arising in sequence of absence of vitamins? Dr. We know, and I think we all feel as he does, that all urinary infections do better, and we get better results, by pushing fluids. In case there are many worms, or the swelling and inflammation of the throat is severe, there is often difficulty in breathing.

A pair of hemostats was passed through this opening, and it was dilated to a size which would admit the index finger. The leaves are eaten, and the plant yields soda.

Besides, we can hardly suppose that the excessive dilatation of the cells, which, from the size of a grain of sand, became as large as a hcmpseed, or a pea, or even larger, and of wliicli dilatation ceive, I say, that such a dilatation should be brought about without pain, at least of an obtuse character, or without greater or less I shall not stop to consider it.

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