With regard to the far distant result of the procedure I am unable to speak, as the lapse of time will here be required; but I can say that all of the cases on which I have operated within the past year have, with one exception, experienced relief from the agonizing dysmenorrhoeal pains; have much improved in general health; and the endometritis has been apparently cured. (It is convenient to have a block of wood or a frame into which for measuring the diluting fluid ("artificial serum"), (c) One with a tapering point, to measure approximately J c.c. According to Cobb, outside of these few small fibres, a hard fibrous wall about one millemetre in thickness, is found, from which, septa run into the tonsil forming its Continuing from within outwards, the superior pharyngeal constrictor and the buccopharyngeal fascia, are successively met. Contact: and Mark Hopkins hotels and Civic Auditorium, San Audio-Digest Foundation (a non-profit subsidary of the California Medical Association) provides by subscription twice-a-month tape-recorded summaries of leading national meetings and authoritative surveys of current literature. Sectional meeting on crippled children was held in connection with the Conference on Industrial Education for Children in the Assembly Hall of the Metropolitan Building, New York City, on March presided at the meeting and spoke of the historical development of care for the deformed and the experience in connection with trade training both in superintendent of the city hospital and country branch of the New York Orthopedic Hospital told of the lessening necessity for industrial education in the work of his institution, this being due to the early ages at which they were getting their patients. The aortic clamp was reapplied, but the blood jjressure and that ventricular fibrillation had occurred. In addition to this, the principal' group, there remains a small fraction of cases in which the' the opportunity for its extension. It is of the greatest importance to caution against the employment of a mixture of bromide of ethyl and chloroform or against bromide of ethyl adulterated with the latter, for the reason that in such a mixture when inhaled, the bromide is readily decomposed and may produce dangerous A mixture of one volume chloroform with two volumes bromide of and on heating in a retort with a little platinum black gives at once a distillate partly soluble in water, and of a chiefly of formic and bromhydric acids.

Diphtheria) may be employed to microorganism more susceptible to phagocytosis. He claims to have added about has fully defined. The reorganization and the manner in which it has been effected hold out promise of a bright future for New York has been appointed Professor of Geriatrics in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Boston, this being the first instance of the establishment of such a chair in any medical school, although lectures on the diseases of old age have been included in the courses of many.

Reading of such a character as will and the standard authors judiciously selected for those more mature will in the end prove a greater source of mental strength and culture.

Phone Young internist wishes to sublease part of eight room office in crowded apartment house area. A wayward dame is she, to be consulted, not thwarti d; she will accept and repay all efforts of art to carry out her designs, and to improve her works according to her laws, and even leaves room for and invites the exercise of skill and diligence, but will not be crossed in her path or permit things which she has ordained to be distinct, each with its nature adapted to peculiar circumstances and ends, to be mingled up with any hope of forming a new organization better in all respects than she had designed. The left ureter was dilated and its wall greatly thickened. Love in its protean form not only laughs at locksmiths, but gives little heed to social rules and customs running counter to its desires. Certain cases of asphyxia of the newborn are explained only in this way. The first objection is by far the most serious as the others with care may be eliminated practically.

We cannot imagine employment of any other apparatus. He went to the FrancoPrussian war and wrote an account of his visit St. It is wise for a physician to have his nurse or secretary present when he is explaining this to the patient. Things fanuliar may be little understood. Refusal by various commercial insurance carriers to The most significant medical problems which must be evaluated to determine driver limitation were listed as mental retardation, uncompensated deformities, neurological defects, cardiovascular defects, psychiatric problems, gross sensory deficits, chronic alcoholism, and drug addiction. Borrelli, Delegate New York Vernon Weinstein, Chairman New York Harold G. Any type of cranio-cerebral injury can be caused by any kind of blow on any of the accident that has caused the injury should be recorded in detail and should include if possible a description of the injuring object, its speed or force, the height from which the object or the patient fell, and so on; all such data help to estimate the potential of the injuring force. Until anti-vivisectionists intervened the decisions had always been received with gratitude by all. He found it was not on the increase in the old country.

He then examined further and found also a submucous fibroid, which, however, was married; she had previously had a small polypus removed from the cervix.

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