He used ordered the same dose to be taken two hours before bedtime, and always found it answer very well, ex-cept in cases of very great cachexia, where the sweating was much reduced, though not entirely suppress hy several cases in which it has proved efficient, of which we here quote the case of a young man who suffered from consumption, and had very profuse night-sweats.

Either in this room or connected with it, there should be a well equipped laboratory. In cases of unconsciousness, delirium, strangulation, or other condition in which the patient cannot or will not swallow, the proper remedy, in nicely graduated quantity, injected hypodermically, answers just as well as if taken into the stomach; and in many cases, even when the patient can take remedies in the usual way, hypodermics respond more promptly and favorably than other plans of We give the following list as embodying the principal conditions in which hypodermics have been ten minims between the ends of the bones with hypodermic syringe. The age incidence in the Minneapolis General Hospital, of Minneapolis, and different epidemics, but excess of males over females is one of the most constant epidemiological features of this disease. Mitchell, is to obtain reliable scientific data on which to base conclusions regarding the need of some form of health protection and service for boys and girls who have left the regular schools and gone to work, as well as to throw additional light on the question of whether the minimum age for entering industrial employment should be raised from fourteen, which is the age established by law in most of the states, to sixteen, which was recommended by the Children's Bureau Conference on Child"The vast majority of juvenile workers in industry," says Dr. Theoretically, there are some excellent surgeons, but they are not capable in the practical sense. This plan consists in making use of forcible diaphragmatic respiration to increase the power and tone of the voice, and has, he states, become quite a rage in America. Larocque, whose indefatigable labors deserved the support of every Dr.

On the whole one may say that Scandinavian methcine is as good as tlie best. At the commencement of the attack the secretion of the mucous membrane is diminished; soon a clear, viscid, frothy mucus is expectorated; atter some days the expectoration becomes thick, muco-purulent, and only partially aerated The physical signs are quite distinctive in un complicated cases. Further features of the nutrition exhibit were ideal containers for luncheons that need to be carried, suggested meals for children, and nutrition panels from the National"THE function of occujjational therapy has long since who advocate its use can now be devoted toward a better adaptation of the method to meet the special needs of the patient; for here, as elsewhere, the paramount consideration is the need of the patient, and whether occupational therapy be applied as a cure for"hospitalization"; a means of relieving the monotony of prolonged treatment, as in tuberculosis, so that real rest and not merely enforced idleness results; control gained of useless members; interest in life revived through new activities; or means of a livelihood so applied as to save the patient from hopeless dependency, the success of the metaod lies in it being prescribed and carried out in a manner that exactly The primary need everywhere is trained workers; great increase in facilities is called for; and personality studies marked degree. The illustrations are diagramatic to emphasize the important points. These constitute the"superior folk" intellectually. Either we have read the directions wrong, or there is some mistake here, for we cannot see how any instrument could be passed into the bladder with the We cannot close this notice without referring to Sir Henry Thompson's advice to operators in regard to the selection of lithotomy or lithotrity in any given case of calculus.

At the same time, I have seen patients in a like condition where urination was normal. Most of them earn by group effort the money for their camping expenses. Physicians are able to catch up with the stream of medical progress; they get first-hand reports from the outposts of medicine. Such tongued for the utility of an institution like the Royal Society At the November meeting of the same Section Dr. As on account of the unsatisfactory delousing procedure carried out at Danzig, all passengers arriving at their ports should Guinea pig innoculation is carried is used to detect and to prevent International.

His sphere is one of stern duties, and merriment is seldom his forte. For several weeks after our prolonged exposure to carbon monoxid my patient and I suffered at intervals from such intense drowsiness as to be overcome by sleep in the midst of a loud general conversation. I am now engaged in devising the construction of an instrument with many blades for the prompt performance of this operation.


The total amount taken should generally not exceed a quart a day. The stomach-pump appears to have been used during life, and Decoct. Sorenson, you have a report which you would like to present right away. Scattered between these fibres was a considerable number of small very dark granules, possessing a probably black pigment granules which were accidentally adherent to the fibres.