The juice of these fruits, separated by ebullition from the albuminous constituents, and freed by convenient processes from the organic acids present, yields on evaporation a gum-like residue, which has the same composition as the sugar derived from cane-sugar by the action of acids. The patient becomes introspective, and is habitually on the alert for suspicious symptoms, suffering from nosophobia.

I could have added pictures of the same subject ad libitum, the degree and direction of the pressure determining the skiagraphic result.

Gavin replied that the plantiu question, which was a species of verbena, had been employed by English practitioners, but he had never seen any good result from its use which he could ascribe directly to the plant itself; and he referred whatever benefits might have been derived during its administration, to the large quantities of warm water with which it had been combined,'ihere was, however, another plant which Mr. All the statistics to which I have had access seem to point in one direction, that the total abstainer is a very much better life, other things being equal, than the moderate drinker. "' The boy who teaches himself natural history by actual bird nesting is healthier and happier, better equipped in body and mind for the battle of life, than the nervous, interesting, feverish boy with the big head The doctor should marry, but his wife should be kept out of his work.

They were almost indistinguishable even by members of the family. While this is supported by most urological textbooks, there is no evidence that it is more than a supersition. However, even if the of the initial examination, it is advisable to postpone the definitive treatment of a compound fracture of reasonable opportunity for early complications (e.g., extradural hemorrhage, extracranial lesions) to declare themselves and thus permit the making of a remains good, x-ray examination of the bony lesion should be made during this interval. Rest, milk diet, laxations and hot baths are the best pi-ophylactic and there has so far (September) not been a single death during of liver cells in the blood of eclamptic women. His silvered locks indicated that his words of instruction had been the product of experience; indeed, I learned that he had for more than thirty years gratuitously served full-toned, flexible, and soothing, and his manners possessed an irresistible charm equally felt by his patients,, his companions, his pupils, and his friends. The treatment may be continued, with careful watching, for months, in this malady, and great benefit may be expected. This, in turn, he said, would require more medical care, particularly nursing care. A convincing demonstration of this last variation is easily found by radioscopy, and the marked alterations downwards and to the right, with full inspiration readily visible. The following Committees, to consist of not more than three members each, shall be appointed at every annual meeting, and shall report at the next annual meeting thereafter, unless they are instructed by the Society to do so at an earlier date, viz. Tht suggestion on the dental subject shall be borne in mind.

In three cases the perforation and hemorrhage were discovered at autopsy, the patients having died without benefit of surgery. The second is pulmonary hypertension, which does not usually occur until cent of normal.

The wire terminated in a cord, which passed over a pulley. Normal right knee of the patient from -whom the preceding plate was made, produced with the same technique and apparatus.

'The practical result he deduces from his theoretical views is, that in the treatment of hydrophobia the operation of bronchotomy might be expected to ward off, or at least to abate, the violence of the convulsive paroxysm. Uncontrolled diabetes obscures the early danger The development of disturbances in electrolyte and water balances and the importance of ketonemia There are definite relationships between the degrees of ketonemia and the depth of coma and the It is possible to identify the mild from the severe cases of coma according to the degree of ketonemia which also serves as a guide to insulin therapy.

The chief toxic effects avoid these symptoms was without result, but heavy sedation with barbiturates made them of the courses of nitrogen mustard, but with the use of antibiotics, no instances of intercurrent infection were encountered. For the Committee, you, at the same time, have the clerks include as many other questions as you think your company would like to study at a subsequent period, so, if like Dr. Three patients had no motion on bending films, but showed with a metal marker placed over the painful area of the back on examination, the site of pain to be the joint allegedly fused.

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