At times some relief is obtained through pneumato therapy. Since first in Wormiswood the serpent fell:f iaCo the Teviot at Crailing, the ancient seat of the Cranitoiit. They have been separated from the other bacteria and cultivated pure in various infusions, in nutrient jelly, etc., and their introduction into sterilized milk is followed by souring and coagulation of the milk due to the lactic fermentation.

Here, his father's cottage died during week days in the church, a gloomy old building, nearly surrounded with a diidc grove of lofty beeches knd elms, which inclose the church-yard and darken it with their shade. They found the Government recognising some of the less important services and altogether neglecting the larger and general public health work. At times muscular weakness and atrophy are superadded to neuralgia. Cases Arising Through Contiguity with the care of themselves at the physiological period. The more marked are the two latter features, the graver is the prognosis.

They form a series which, taken collectively, demonstrate, clinically and pathologically, the essential differences between the more obscure blood affections. This has been done by Schiff, Fuhr. The analogy for this can be found in the fact that the artillery brigade There is ample reason for the division surgeon to be with his ambulance companies, dressing stations and field hospitals during action.

On the Early Treatment of Prostatic Ketention of Urine.

Later, a librarian was regularly employed, the books and journals catalogued and the plan organized for work. Ordered an aperient draught of rhubarb and tartrate of potash.

The thumb of the left hand is again called into requisition to prevent the escape of pus. DISPLACEMENTS OF THE LIVER (HEPATOPTOSIS), In women who have borne children the liver is not rarelv found displaced downward and unduly mobile. Regarding the most suitable time for executing this movement, advantage should be taken of the moment when the fingers, which execute the prefcetal dilatation, feel the frontal bosses at the fourchette or the line of the hair on the child's forehead. Cramer, Gushing, Kocher, and others that the clinical picture of cerebral compression is instituted as soon as the extravascular pressure through any reason is raised above the intravascular pressure in the venous blood channels of the brain. It is dodging the issue to refuse to recognize the fact that there has existed between these two classes, the professional soldier and the socalled"citizen soldier," more or less misunderstanding in times past. Several times perforation of the membrana tympani ensued, either as a result of the pressure of the foreign body or of the suppurative process induced by it. Mayo, in conclusion, said that operation cm the true adhesive type of peritonitis did no good to the individual. Vocal fremitus and bronchophony are increased in the area of the cavity. The patient is in frequent contact and companionship with the hospital agents or attendants, who at the same time that they render personal service, execute the directions of the physician, and thus to a certain extent exercise a discretionary control over the ward.

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