In the first case, it is natural to infer that sufficient care has been taken in the choice of a source and in the protection of the gathering grounds to prevent the contamination of the water. Occasionally the initial coma lessens, the patients regain sufficient consciousness to answer questions, but relapse again into unconsciousness from which there is no further rallying. In the chapter on pathology the newer work of the studies in immunity are very carefully considered, making this by far the best presentation of this difficult subject now obtainable. Locally the tongue has been swabbed with a ten per cent, solution of chromic acid.

It is commonly called, by old farriers, buttyre of antimony. Periostitis occurs, we believe, only from some outside cause and generally the bone is smooth, though the epiphyseal ends appear symmetrically swollen.

Later he was sent to Gatun, where he spent most of his time in the sick corral. It is not commonly accepted that this lesion is apt to follow such injuries to the head, as these patients describe, or to occur from such illnesses as those from which' Reasoning from the conditions above stated. He e.xcludes the possibility of Chassaignac's disease en account of the absence of pain.

The uterus contracts firmly upon the portions that are left, when it is necessary to leave any; there is no danger of hemorrhage, and when the indurated part separates by sloughing, the probability is it may be thrown off by the natural efforts, failing which its expulsion may be promoted by artificial means. The hot mustard foot bath, followed by measures to obtain sweating, is also very useful, and may be repeated at four hour intervals during the disease. The sweating function of the skin before the fifteenth day of life, especially in athrepsic parents is especially defective.

This was done under chloroform, severe pain being experienced on tlie return of consciousness. It would not, perhaps, afifect dogs in rural neighborhoods, nor would it materially diminish the dangers from rabies derived from other animals, such as wolves, foxes, skunks, etc., as the rabic disease is rarely communicated to them from dogs, but more frequently they are the source of infection of dogs or other domestic animals, and at the same time they are the cause of the disease in not a few instances in the human subject.

In a common abscess of this kind, it will only be necessary to hasten the formation of the pus by applying poultices of flaxseed or some other soft substance to the part, and when the point is soft and evidently contains fluid, make an opening on its lowest dependent point with a sharp knife, so that the discharge will flow out of itself, and then apply Mix and apply to the wound twice a day.

For in this declension the nominative often stands apart from the other cases in the way of having the very root, or"stem," of the word curtailed or modified in its construction. As a rule short, dull, Verminous bronchitis. (See Debility.) horse and pleura pneumonia in cattle, the animal dying only of the body, as the leg or sheath, it is called (Edema; diet, bleeding, blistering, and physicking. It is chiefly, however, an aifection of young colts, on uneven ground, and arises from wearing away the toe of the foot, thus inducing dislocation of the stifle, or patella, which slides ofi" the rounded heads of the bones, at every step the animal takes. 'Ihere was no lens, retina, pigment epithelium or optic nerve; there was thus a complete failure in development of all structures derived from neural epiblast. The brain and spinal cord are, however, also to be regarded as the source of the power of the sympathetic itself, which would without them become exhausted." charged as it were with nervous power by the brain and spinal cord, which may be regarded as the sources of nervous influence, but that, when once charged, it continues to emit this influence in the manner peculiar to itself, even when the further supply is for a time diminished. - sudden death resembling anaphylaxis subsequent to intravenous injections of the sterile filtrates in horses that had previously been apparently sensitized by feeding the bacillus per orem and per rectum, and in one instance by feeding the forage from which the bacillus was isolated, suggested the occurrence of a hypersensitivelike condition as the result of ingestion. There is no method known of detecting all virus carrying carcasses, but, as a general principle, we believe that rigid ante-mortem herd inspection with a more severe interpretation of temperatures and lesions in hogs that are members of infected herds, together with a tagging system rendering it possible to place losses due to condemnation with the man who ships the hogs, are worthy of consideration.

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