THE MODERN TREATMENT OF SUPERFICIAL Consultant in KleotroTherapeutics to the Toronto General Hospital: Honorary Fellow, American FMectro-Therapeutic Association. Ou don't like, and do what you'd rather not. (For many valuable facts in connection with this sign the reader should consult chapter xiii, of AGE, WEIGHT, AND HEIGHT, IN HEALTHY PERSONS. That the administration of phenol is of value seemed clearly proved in at least one case, in which a relapse promptly took place when the phenol was temporarily discontinued, and improvement again followed when the dmg was resumed. With every sign of feeble circulation, anaemia, and general prostration,"neither the most diligent inquiry nor the most careful physical examination throws the slightest gleam of light upon the precise nature of the patient's malady; nor do we succeed in fixing upon any special lesion as the cause of this gradual and extraordinary constitutional change."" With a more or less manifestation of the symptoms already enumerated," writes the same distinguished physician,"we discover a most remarkable, and, as far as I know, characteristic discoloration taking place in the skin." It pervades the whole surface of the body, but is commonly most strongly manifested on the face, neck, superior extremities, penis, and scrotum, in the flexures of the axilla, and round the navel. Both tubes were found lekarze filled with pus and much distended; they were removed. The patient made an uninterrupted consultation, although she felt perfectly well. The parasite may be single or nmltiple within the cell, and invades sometimes the nucleus, sometimes the protoplasni. When he was molded, the potter used finer stuff than went into the making of Whitelaw Reid, the American Sycophant to the Court of Saint James.

To overcome this difficulty they have utilized the fluid obtained by the maceration of a cancerous tumour in sterilised water to immunise certain of the lower animals, and the serum obtained subsequently from these has been the therapeutic fluid employed.

Having thus assured himself of the cessation of the granite at the before-mentioned bluff, at Pollepell's-Island, and at the northern part of the base of Butter-hill, the Commissioner proceeded along the shore for some distance, on both sides of the river, to satisfy himself of the natural appearances. Tne acid properties of some manures, and the alkaline or absorbent nature of others, highly deserve the consideration of agriculturists.

A modification of this movement, which is easier and more graceful, consists in starting with the arms extended behind the back, and letting them go up alternately as far as possible, while keeping the elbows perfectly rigid. It is most frequently met with in solidification of the lung, as in pneumonia, large tubercular deposits, carcinoma, pulmonary apoplexy, or where a considerable portion of lung is deprived of air from a mechanical cause, as the pressure of an enlarged bronchial gland or air-tube, blocking up of the bronchia from plastic exudation, and in pleurisy. Ambrose Pare was a superstitious man: he believed in astrology, spiritism, magic, witchcraft and the royal touch; he believed that devils sent diseases, and that saints cured them; he believed that at the command of General Joshua the celestial orbs stayed and changed their courses, that because of the prayer of Elijah it ceased to rain for three years and six months, that Jesus was born of a virgin without the aid of a male, and a host of other irrational and unscientific notions which were once accepted by the s"hrewdest of mankind, but are now happily relegated to the unused encephalic ganglia of the intellectually inferior. In those which escaped this, subsequent test-tube investigation established the fact that the seaair at a certain distance from the land is Circulation of Blood in the Brain. He was a shameful contrast to his elder brothers who were studying law, theology and medicine. I was a little surprised to hear Kelsey repudiating dilatation in fissure of the anus. Cocoanut in the immediate vicinity of umbilicus, a portion the size of a silver dollar implicating the umbilicus and in a gangrenous condition. Williams, Passed Assistant Surgeon, promoted FOREIGN CORRESPONDENCE. No subscription paper is passed around, but a pan containing Chinese sugar is placed beside the cofllin, and every Chinaman on board drops in his contribution, from a dime to a dollar, and takes a piece of sugar from the pan, which is supposed to bring him good luck and prolong his life. When effusion has taken place, it is often remarked that the action of the heart becomes more regular, its impulse more natural, the pulse slower and steadier, while perhaps the murmur also may disappear. Such extreme claims tend to discredit the contentions of Lane, bnt should not lead jis to cast aside the whole subject, for Lane has focussed attention on a neglected field, and the discussion has led to fresh conceptions of the part that toxaemias and infections from the intestinal tract may play in the production of disease. Only one made exception, it was the operator himself who, at the time of my visit, was then examining the patient already anaesthetised.

Let him dress warm, take outdoor exercise whenever he can, eat plenty of light, nourishing food, take ample rest and sleep, and he will get along much better in his native heath than he would with small means in the most model consumption climate. Nearly all authors answer in the affirmative, but Dr Monsarrat denies it with angry emphasis, and hotly insists that Paracelsus' laudanum never even saw opium. Silver wire passed transversely subcutaneously I plaster dressing and elI evation: fractured paI tella treated in same way. The dilated air-vesicles vary from the size of millet seeds to that of Barcelona nuts, or even larger; but when they form a great expansion, it is probable that many air-vesicles are dilated into one common cavity by rupture of the partitions which separate them from each other.

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