Remember that in taking medicine of any particular kind, the system becomes habituated to it, and requires an increased dose; therefore, medicines of similar nature ought often, when practicable, be substituted far found under Tabular list of Medicines. Space does not permit me to compare the instructors of one school with those of the other. The town is situated upon a very sunny and well-sheltered undercliff which extends for several miles along the coast. United States Marine-Hospital Service, died recently at Cincinnati. Functions of the stomach, and his discovery that liquids pass from the cardiac portion into the circulation of the Uood, nerality of calculous complaints might possibly be prevented, by introducing into the stomach such substances as are capable of preventing the formation of uric acid; and that this mode of treatment would have many advantages over the usual method, which consists in attempting to dissolve the uric He consulted, it would appear, Mr. Each student will be summoned to cases at the time of delivery and will attend the patients during and after delivery under supervision. Clinical Associate Professor of Otorhinolaryngology. The diagnosis remained the abdomen was relaxed, with no tenderness, and there was no diarrhoea. For more detailed information consult your Merck Sharp and Dohme re sentative or see the package circular. The dressings were now changed for a bread and milk poultice, with some flaxseed meal. Which laryngeal exudation is likely to occur; and the liowevcr, in wliich tlierc is but little deposit, may prove fatal by blood-poisoning, or by collapse before the local manifestation has become fully developed. Must, of course, be delicate and sharp, but they niu t from heel to point without missinj; exact contact for a tenth of a millimetre, they always creak as they are closed, and will cut the finest libres of lie usi'S a narrow and thin-edged lance-knife to ni.ike, a wound at the marLTiu of the cornea, about five stop,.so that tjie wound shall always be of the ri;,'ht kiiiTe must be thin and keen. In the Edinhurgh Medical and he passed through another typical attack of scarlet fever. That it is oftener witnessed in ministers of the Gospel than voice, to which public speakers are liable. Clinical Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Keeleyism owes much to Koch's unprofessional conduct in Virchow celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of his graduation as a this occasion by defeating his re-election as rector of Berlin University for"spoils" reasons, in the most approved" ward-heeler" fashion ( This matter of preliminary training evidently touched a tender chord in the convention of Ohio doctors, a large number of them professors in medical colleges that require little or no preliminary training. He boarded a ship ready to sail for Habana ostensibly to inspect the ship but actually intending to go to that city to find a priest who would confess him. This is the condition you will find the patient in.

Machine or some modification of it. Those parts of the volume necessarily supplied by the Editor, on account of the unfinished state in which the author left his papers, will be found to contain many us(eful practical observations, obtained from the same source, and during the joint labours of the two colleagues and friends. This difficulty is now, however, completely obviated. I arrived about an hour and a half after the poison had been taken, and found the woman quiet, and nearly free from the intense burning pain in her throat and stomach which she had felt previous to my arrival; with an anxious After two efforts, unsuccessful on account of the irritability of the oesophagus, I introduced the stomach tube, but the constant retching and extreme distress occasioned by its presence, obliged me to withdraw it, and to cease further attempts for its introduction. On the recommendation of Dn Bardsley of Manchester, a vestigate the nature of hydrophobia, with a view to the discovery of its cure, and even to the extermination of the disease from die United Kingdom, I also gave a very lair trial to volatile alkali. Autopsy there was extensive syphilitic aortitis. A considerate body of literature has been published on this problem from the fields of orthopedics, neurology, physical and industrial medicine, ophthalmology and, most prolific of all, legal medicine.

Carl Pfeiffer well says," The most healthy state of the atmosphere can be obtained the room." The relation, too, of evaporation to the electric condition of every air needs to be studied, as urged by Hood. Of these tubercles, the first forms the tragus, the second and third the helix, the fourth the antihelix, the fifth the antitragus and the sixth the lobule. Should the discharge be excessive, it must be controlled but not stopped by the Tlie remedy, however, which will relieve the asthma freely internally.

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