Since the operation the her temperature is normal and she is able Patient died from ileus at the end of the Dr. The drug is contraindicated in the acute surgical abdomen.

She also suffered from partial loss of muscular power on the left side of the body, and contactile hypersesthesia of the skin on the lefl side of the The chief point of interest in the ease was the existence of paralysis, more or less incomplete, of the muscles of the limbs on the side of the body corresponding with the cerebral pressure; but besides affording an illustration of the existence of such an anomalous form of hemiplegia, the case is exceedingly interesting as being an instance in evidence of the statement lately established by Dr. Compare the which the membranes have been preserved with the cervix dilated by a head, unprotected by the bag of waters, or hurried by manual dilatation or the employment of oxytocics, and one cannot but be impressed with the depth and extent of the lacerations Premature separation of the normally implanted PLACENTA is often accompanied by a degree of shock which is out of all proportion to the amount of hemorrhage. Sometimes, if seen early, a coryza may be present, and occasionally a few scattered sibilant rales may occur in other portions of only one of the entire series. At the end of the month the acute pains rcinrncd in the old locality, and a large abscess formed in the region of the Stat, whiel) abscess hud to be opened with a knife. The par-oophoritic cyst, starting as it does from the hilum of the ovary, is usually small, of slow growth, unilocular and papillomatous, often bilateral. One, a child of eight years, over two feet in height, would stand and walk with assistance, but could only say one or two simple words. For the following week she continued very restless, excited, and violent. The swelling of the limb had now greatly subsided, still there was much pain at the knee, which had been a prominent symptom all along. Diabetes may be secondary to infection, not following immediately upon it, but later.

This unifying or tion in the progress of the human race, co-operative spirit reached the medical Again what do we find in the World profession some years ago.

It seemed from our previous work that relapses would be less likely to occur if the intravenous injections were followed, when the temperature had returned to normal, by a set of three subcutaneous injections on alternate days of the regular treatment into two categories we find that relapses occurred in Summary of Recent Literature on Vaccine Therapy of Typhoid. No precipitation was observed with iodin and potassium iodid and the ferrocyanid. About six years ago the patient states that she"caught cold by getting her feet wet." The history of this cold as to cough, et cetera, is unsatisfactory.


In o few epileptics on increase in convulsive episodes has been reported. With the change of treatment the eye began to improve, and after three months the patient was discharged cured, with instructions to return in a few weeks to have her eyes refracted, to guard against future eye strain. In the recent work, Cyclopaedia of Obstetrics and Gynecology, of the Uterus, by Gusserow, for the removal of uterine fibroids, lithotomy position, and then an anaesthetic be administered." In such operations the gynapod will be found to be especially I will here take occasion to add that for several years past, in most of my plastic operations, I have employed silk worm-gut sutures, or catgut, instead of silver wire. Prout doubta whether he should have discovered the difference if it had been presented to him as a specimen of chyle: As many as fifteen or sixteen have been given in certain instances, but if no striking result is obtained following three or four injections, at two- or three-day intervals, very little effect from the treatment may be expected. The surgeon who undertakes a serious operation after merely looking at pictures and reading printed directions should lose his license. The length of the arcade is, larger than the second. As the significances of such changes, however, is not yet understood, and as they were often contradictory, no deductions can be normal record was decreased in all leads after operation; whereas of three upward and two downward peaks. Desirable for a physician to prescribe home treatment with a faradic battery. Mack's consideration of that law, although it is addressed less to the popular mind, than to the higher order of minds whose conclusions and decisions are permanent and far-reaching in their influence. Krause, Pathologist, Saranac Laboratory, for the Study Doctor E. We intend to give you the best possible service from our new home. The total volume of the mixture was always the same. Secondary to the salpingitis is not infrequently found a collection of pus in the cul-de-sac of Douglas and an infiltration of the broad ligament as well. For obvious reasons a pyelogram was not made.

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