This purpose still weaker currents one milliamperc are used with the anode upon the muscle, the cathode upon the sternum. The author lays stress on the treatment of rest in bed, the length of time depending on the character of the case, tonics and the avoidance, after the patient is up, of overexertion.

As she was doing her household duties she was suddenly seized with acute pain in the epigastrium, and died in about seven hours. McCalip, our efficient health officer, has been the busiest man of our profession in this section of the country. It needs but a slight disturbance of the chemical equilibrium of the blood and other tissues to set in motion these inherited capacities of the cells for extravagant reproduction.


I am convinced that these lesions are Cervical obstructions may be classified as congenital, acquired, partial and complete. Because Oi the sensitiveness of the skin, an extensive injury to it, retMoed, and this endangen life, or at lowt health.

I repeat that the medicines must be given for their specific effect, and pushed until you get it, regardless of what the books teach. This information is abstracted and furnished to physicians.

In Eastern Siberia Sperk states that it is very common, whilst according to von Sohlern it is very rare in some districts of Russia and in the Bavarian Alps.

The piles are then smeared with vaseline or sulphate of iron ointment and relumed as soon as possible, for, the injection always causes the hemorrhoid to swell; therefore, the longer they remain outside, the more difTicult they are to return. The organ was enormously distended with Wood, and would have weighed, I judge, more than two I enclose. More severe ones two weeks and the severest three weeks. This form occurs some time after the birth, and is accompanied by the puerperalis post infectiosa. In the hypo-gonadal type the amenorrhoea is the prototype of the lack of menstruation after the menopause or after castration.

In both cases the gross and minute changes were about the same and corresponded pretty closely to what had been observed by Nauwerck and Hufschmied, Yon Kahlden and others, and explained by them as cases of cystadenoma. The attitude of the physician is of great importance; he must understand that the suffering of the neurasthenic is real and intense, and it matters not whether the attack be mild or severe, the affection is equally important to the individual.

, In his private practice he is getting results much better than in the dispensary. The authors do not claim this to be a cure for the locomotor ataxia, but merely a mechanical correction of the gait.

Indeed, it is the present belief of most authorities that the vast majority of cervical cancer is the end result of childbirth.

It is possible, however, that this only represents a general rule, for there appears to be some evidence that the condition may remain active in some cases until after birth. When medical services were needed you have always found our profession most desirous and cooperative in any issue We would wish you to know that in this grave time of stress and reconstruction you may depend on one hundred per cent cooperataion of our profession in helping to carry to a successful issue the great plans that have been mapped out by our illustrious President Roosevelt. The muscles too may regain their original contour. In other instances of perforation of the uterus, the physician should do nothing except perhaps insert a small piece of gauze through the cervix, let the patient alone, and he believed the majority ol cases would recover.

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