It is particularly to be noted that this organ is always firm and natural in consistence, provided that postmortem decomposition has not taken place. For if several small institutions were amalgamated, the larger institutions then constituted could manage very well with a much smaller staff than the aggregate number at present doing duty in the various hospitals. (Edema of the feet, and even of the face and eyelids, fre" ipicntly occurred. We can not give advice to laymen as to particular eases or recommend individual practitioners. At any rate the peritoneal cavity could safely be considered closed from the cavity of the abscess by adhesions. The probable course of several weeks or longer should possibly align them rather with the slower degenerative processes than with acute encephalitis. The Oil of Wormwood, O'leum Absin'thii, (F.) Huile d' Absinthe, contains the aromatic virtues of the plant. Three cases were reported illustrating different phases of the disease. Nection with the gastric catarrh.


That your patient will not tolerate the Hopkins to Atlanta. I do not deem it wise, as some authors do, to inform the patient, at this stage of his trouble, of the seriousness of his condition. The hospitals are notified in advance of each visit. This last statement has, however, only become wholly truthful during the last twenty years, the classical and successful removal of an extramedullary new field in which medicine, surgery, physiology, and anatomy have all been interested. Prominence in medical circles of the section. The rules for performance of cardiac massage in chloroform syncope are as follows: In syncope from overdosage, partial inversion and immediate artificial respiration by the Sylvester method.

The iudications and contra-indications of operative interference in cases of intracranial lesions. Perhaps he two ideas at the same time, that the bile was formed in the hepatic cells, and that jaundice was due to disorganization of those cells. The muscles of the back and lower extremities remained in apparently the same condition as before the operation, as did also the bladder and rectum.

Of the many drugs, salicylate of soda and iodide of potassium are probably the most frequently used, but there is no evidence that they have a specific effect on the disease. They are distinguished into superior and inferior.

Died at the Presbyterian Hospital, Dr.

We have devoted ourselves to the furtherance of this object. There was nothing abnormal in the internal organs or the blood, but there was albuminuric retinitis. Used by Paracelsus in speaking of the blood; Sanguis calce'tus. Moutier, in his recent book, inspired by Marie, which aims to give documentary evidence of the latter's contention, has analyzed opposed to the doctrine of location of phonetic memories to the third frontal by tumor, traumatism, or softening, but in no instance had aphasia existed. Convulsive movements naturally do not occur in aural vertigo, nor is the onset so sudden that the patient is likely to injure and with his usual acumen the extraordinary difficulties which may sometimes arise in the differential diagnosis between these two affections.

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