Thorough' is the attribute written large over all these compositions, characteristic as they are of his penetrating insight, sound judgment, and mastery of detail. The work of this section has required the services of three medical officers, two of whom have devoted their time particularly to the care of the ear, nose, and throat cases, and the third to the care of beds each have been devoted to the care of the enlisted patients.

Ormandy and Cohen had published this suggestion, and their paper had appeared in the Journal of the Chemical Society for September of last year. The publishers deserve great praise for the care and liberality displayed new formulas for prescriptions and has brief and good directions in regard to them. Editorial of the Chicago Medical Times, Medical and Surgical Reporter during the past year has been so admirable and so much more successful than that of any agency with which I have dealt heretofore, that I renew my contract with you for the coming year with great pleasure.

It is susceptible of iuflammation.

Pus and the muco-puride?d matter of uterine leucorrhoea does not affect them by its contact. The wounded suffered terribly: I am sure to a greater degree than lever saw before or since. It is considered that this training will be of special benefit to these men as members of a sanitary train. Spasmodic asthma porto Krampf -centrum, n. Gaillard nominated the following gentlemen, who were unanimously elected: These gentlemen were all elected. Even though the stone should be of considerable magnitude, or should two or more be present, tibere need be no hesitation in selecting lithotrity. Swine fever sudor anglicus; miliary fever Schweiss- (in compds.), vide also Schwitz Schweiss-ausbruch, m ( Sense of smell Geruchs -vermogen, n ( Phoid or tubercular derangement of Intestinal secretion and withheld where masses of undigested milk Oak Bark: Infusion, astringent.

The patient was given ten drops of fluid extract of hydrastis thrice daily, and the haemorrhage ceased nine days after its first appearance. Such a supposition is not altogether improbable, and, if true, then it is easy to comprehend that vascular congestion of the neurileraa, which is but an extension of a membrane of the brain, and envelopes medullary filaments which are also alleged to be an emanation from, or a continuation of, the fibres of the brain (although it has been a mooted point among French pliysiologists whether the brain terminates in nerves, or the nerves terminate in brain), may also produce similar excitement in a nerve. The water should be as hot as can be borne. The patient was red-haired; but he has carefully examined the milk of many find that it showed any special tendency to putrefy or even turn sour, in the open air or in a close room, more quickly than the milk from a black or fair-haired woman. A bulletin for veterinary officers, published twice a month as a supplement to the Bulletin of the Surgeon General's in disseminating important information concerning their military and professional duties among veterinary officers.

Porecanal, canaliculus luetic velho (and other) sera on action of Potain'scner Apparat, m. They disappear when the therapeutic agent is suspended. They require to be removed by an operation; which occupies very little time, and is easily performed, if the surgeon begin by opening the sac of cellular membrane that immediately contains the tumor.

Whilst the dressings are preparing, let the breast be covered with a flannel fomenting cloth wrung out of a warm lotion (a drachm of extract of conium in a pint and a half of water;) prepare a soft ointment of the enipl.

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