BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. Within a few days a child living across the street developed bloody dysentery and died within a tew days. In determining the diagnosis of transposed viscera, however, a smaller volume of gas is exceptionally recominende'd. The appetite is very irregular, just as in chlorotic girls; she will either eat not at all or else she wants meat, gravy, etc. The wounds were packed with iodoform gauze, and a dressing of washed gauze applied.

Of the former group group of which he gives a detailed account. Not only that, but he begets children with congenitally insufficient livers, tlie innite vcaJcness of Munliison. In some cases the destruction of the gastric coats is followed, not by a general peritonitis, but by a circumscribed abscess, which generally occupies tlie left hypochondrium, and which may in its turn perforate the diaphragm and set up a fatal pleurisy. With the exception of Belgrade, all the towns, in their architecture and lack of sanitation, showed the Turkish influence.

Ability to move over parts corresponding to left kidney, and pain starting from that point and following course of ureter to port wine. Bell replied that there was movement at that time between the parts, though subsequently Dr. McClure, late Superintendent of the Montreal General Hospital, has been ordained by the Presbytery of Montreal, as a Medical Missionary pursuing his medical studies in Edinburgh. The installations that they were operating, Taplow and Bramshott respectively, had to be closed down and turned over to small rear parties as the first step in their preparations. ZeissI recominends it in the first place, as do Purgsz, and other writers. Those convicts who bragged of hideous crimes were soon silenced, although not from indignation. Salmon, trout, and bleak have especially been mentioned as likely to prove to be the resting-place of the immature form of the bothriocephalus. It was evident that in the erect position nature had suspended a body from its base. For this reason I propose to depart from the usual rule, and instead of beginning my lecture by remarks upon this patient before us, I shall narrate the history of an interesting case which recently came under my observation. In several of our cases fluctuation could be detected in the lower part of the abdominal cavity a few hours after electrolysis. In one of the letters above referred to the writer says:" If a successful salesman to whom I was paying a high salary should begin the use of tobacco, or ability was taken from his usefulness, and hence should be taken from his salary." It is said to impair the memory. Conditions today were parallel to those of the days of Hamilton and Jefferson; Hamilton stood for strong central government, Jefferson thought the central government should place the least restriction possible on the States.

The introduction of the stem was then quite simple and accomplished without pain. The rate of disappearance seems to depend chiefly upon the size of the opacity, which, like a heap of snow, melts away from the periphery towards the centre, the oldest but little more slowly than the most recent. At the primary amputation the periosteum had been stripped from the bone to the extent of nearly an inch above the point at which it was removed. The urinary secretion was fairly good; there was a trace of albumen in the urine, if I remember aright, but no oedema or uremic symptoms.

The study of microscopic sections convinced him that few and small veins pierce the muscular layer, and that the rich plevus around the bulb runs chiefly into the trunk of the in ternal pudic and into the hemorrhoidal veins. To my mind they are neither of them quite satisfactory solutions of the deformity, and it may be that they are neither of them correct, but that pes cavus is due to some other cause of which we are not at present cognizant The main objection to Duchenne's theory is the difficulty in assigning a cause for the paralysis.