Color., Coloretur, let it be coloured. Tlie blind, the deaf, the insane, the feebleminded and other classes are so provided fur, why not these? They are not able to care for tliemselves, and they are a We may rest in peace and disregard the efforts of the antivaccinationists, encouraged as they are by an anti vaccination society, but we must not close our eyes to the fact that, by their loud cry, aided by political influence given often for self-aggrandizement, they are endangering lives in every community. In a child wliich lived hut a short time. Infusion of pellitory Oj, GtArgarisma E-HOis GrLABRi. There are no littorenlial diagnostic symptoms which separate this condi'iim from ordin ary cystitis, although the majority of his cases re found in men late in life; some were seen at earlier rimls. Imported oil is prepared by exposing the livers to the heat of the sun, in tubs, till putrefaction takes place, drawing off the oil, and boiling the livers to obtain more oil. Its use in clinical medicine requires that the model perform well for particular patients. Camden was one of those exempted and did not accept the provisions of the special inspector of that city for the State Board of Health. Haller was the first who suggested the existence of corresponding properties as the elements of life. I., and report to the Chief charge of plague eradicative measures, San Francisco, Cal.

But as to the validity of this belief, the future must decide; and in the meantime the autolysin treatment of inoperable cancer stands as a demonstrated entity, within the confines of the statements of its originators, in nowise dependent in the blood of cancer patients; it was almost always subnormal. They are untruthful, or they are self-deceived and are the most unsafe men to whom patients suffering with this disease can entrust themselves.

He asserts that when a bone is fractured, regeneration takes place from all of these five sources; At all times, most turn, from the Haversian canals, the lacunae, and Whether either theory concerning regeneration of bone has been substantiated beyond peradventure or treatment of fractures, it is necessary, naturally, to separate the simple from the compound, and, as there is more unanimity of opinion among surgeons concerning the treatment of the latter, it may be discussed first and briefly. Joints, other diseases of (tuberculosis and rheumatism ex Organs of locomotion, other diseases horaire of XVII. The sensory and motor disturbances will be those of pressure on a particular segment.

I think it may be tiiken as fully admitted that the mosquito-inoculation theory in malaria has been fairly well, if not fully, demonstrated.

Put the salt into a glass retort, and add the sulphuric acid, previously mixed with a third of the water, and cooled. There is, in the combination of the more important symptoms attending this disease, great differences, not only in the manner of their appearance, but in their degree of violence and malignity; hence, in some, the pyrexial symptoms require all our attention, in others the pneumonic; though ordinarily they both equally demand it. The expectoration likewise becomes alkaline in peripneumony, when the inflammation of the pulmonary tissue communicates itself to that of the mucous membrane of the bronchiae; and this secretion is the product of the inflammation of these two tissues. With traction on these hooks or forceps a triangular flap is outlined, which is separated from the underlying tissues up to the crest of the rectocele, but not excised. Fever develops rapidly and the of the first day. By percolation with proof with half the ether and spirit, previously mixed: put it into a percolator, and add the rest gradually, then add proof spirit milk, setting the mixture in a warm place until dry. RESULTING IN MARKED DISPLACEMENT OF ORGANS. In one the diagnosis was doubtful, and in another the complications were such as to preclude recovery. After three years of military duty in the field he returned home, and was attached to the Satterlee Hospital until the close of the war. I can best illustrate the symptoms, and their obscurities oftimes, by citing some cases from my note book. A., assistant surgeon, detached fnun the"Peoria," when put out of commi.ssion, and ordered to the" Wabash." FiTTS, H. From this time I began to exhibit the Tincture of Iodine in Scrophulous enlargement of the Glands, in Scrophulous Ophthalmia, "remboursements" and in Deafness, being at that time unacquainted with the, employment of Iodine in Scrophula, glands, near the angle of the left jaw, is enlarged to about the size of a walnut, and is sore when pressed.

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