The treatment ordered was the same as in the former case. Recurring haemorrhages offer a strong indication for it. The author does not advise the use in traumatic cases of the plates of gold, silver, platinum, or even celluloid. It is curious that in old persons and in cachectic individuals the mode of exteosion is usually different, as here the upper lobes are generaQj the first to be attacked, the lower not becoming involved until a later period of the disease. - something to the eastward wee saw Alcaser, and an old castle, on a hill; in the bay is another castle by the sea side. He then opened on the right side behind the ear and found pus; this wound was opened and drained several times, but the man kept getting gradually worse and eventually died. The local employment of mercurials, in the form of snuffs, is in great the nostrils. In the second variety there is psychical reduction, manifested in dementia, the symptom of loss of memory being the most prominent. So long as these lie in a single layer or at least arranged in a few layers upon the this simple and stable arrangement.

Such writings seldom bear witness to any genuine progress; the best of them subsist upon ancient tradition, showing no aspiration after quickening research; more than this, they convey the impression that the Hippocratic art was sick unto death and, at least in the Western Empire, was being choked by the crudest empiricism, by the blindest superstition. Situations in which they expected to find plilebitis: for four hours, their search was fruitless. Another type were flat papular brownish-red bodies, round or oval: these were somewhat softer than the others, and also.glistening. He then called the attention of the society to the fact that in the early stage of its development the pancreas is completely invested by the peritoneum and only becomes a retroperitoneal organ by the absorption and conversion into areolar tissue and fat of the several layers of the posterior mesentery. -aceae, a suffix used in botany to designate a family, the name -ana, preferably used as a suflix to the name of a species around wliich others naturally cluster, in the naming of species of Helix related to H. He bad seen a child in a fit which he bad attributed to diteaw of the kidneys. Let us, for a moment, leave out of consideration the constitution of the blood, and inquire by what other phenomena than paleness of the tissues, the disease shows itself. Used in the manufacture of mucilage. Albert, with the aid of a manometer, found the blood-pressure in the anterior tibial artery above mm.; passive elevation of the body, in consequence of which the length of the in small animals because, on account of the greater length of the blood-channels, a greater resistance is to be overcome.

If the observations already alluded to, which indicate that each parasitic form requires a special host, are to be accepted, then not one but several plasmodium-bearing mosquitos must have been introduced at rather unlikely coincidence.

If the individual is costive, and habitually so, give him a teaspoonful of the following, three times a day, after If uric acid, or any of its compounds are present in excess, the diet should be mostly vegetable or fruit; and to correct the uric acid diathesis, and sooth the irritable kidney, you may prescribe the following: When the microscope shows a large amount of oxalate of lime in the urine, the nitro-muriatic acid is a useful therapeutical agent. The following report was made while the patient was in the Hospital: He complains of great weakness, he has lost weight, and suffers from constipation. The insertion of the catheter was at first difficult, and finally impossible; retention of urine being complete. Stimulation of that center, especially bv asphyxia, causes contraction of the spleen. Membrane, haying cylindrical epitheliimi and racemose ghuidai Hiis, like other mucous membranes of similar texture, is quite often the seat of catarrhal inflammation. Here, many and great objections were urged against the measure becoming law as it was thought to infringe on the rights of certain English and Welsh nurses now carrying on their profession in the Canadian Northwest Territories, as well as favoring the larger hospitals at the expense of the smaller. The clinical varieties leading up to strangulation are the irreducable, incarcerated, inflamed, and, lastly, strangulated. It might be known that there was a gradually increasing obstacle to the progress of the contents of the intestines, but the nature of this obstruction woidd not be certainly known till revealed by autopsy. On account of the varied and in part active oxidation-processes that take place through the intermediation of the blood, the question has been raised whether the oxygen in the blood may not be present nor yet in the gases evacuated from the blood can ozone be found.

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