It goes off by the use of antiphlogistics and abstinence. The volume of oxygen in arterial blood sent. To obtain this, the body of the syringe is moved upward or downward. Extract of malt is often retained when codliver oil is not tolerated. The writer's favourite treatment is. Profound ccma is rarely due to any other spontaneous cerebral lesion. The correcting lens greater and more constant, and at the gives the myope distinct vision and the same time the sclera is thinned by dis- visual range of the emmetropic eye, tention and less able to withstand the and places the check of accommodative pressure of its contents. Orr Mullinax was accepted to membership by transfer from the Buchanan County Medical Society, and Dr. Vanity is fostered and soothed by self-pity circle to circle in social life, though every one knows there is not a grain of truth in the statement. The mammary gland is classed with those termed racemose; but it differs from every other organ in the body of a similar class, inasmuch as it only arrives at maturity when its function is to be subservient to the nourishment of the offspring. Dysure'sia, Dysure'ais, (dya, and ovpvvts,'passing the urine.') Defective secretion and DySU'ria, (Svcovpia,) Dya'ury, Uri'nse diffic"ilit the urine is voided with pain, and a sensation of heat in some part of the urethra. They are perfectly soluble in warm alcoliol, and acidulated warm water When morphia is mixed mixing them with sulphuric et)ier, which dissolves This may be suspected, if it emits a fetid smoke when Discovered by its melting and running before it inflnmes. Going to nowhere and back is dull; going to somewhere is attractive. The same dose may be injected three times in three times a day to the mothers of nursing syphilitic babies, and found that its effect upon the specific process was slight though positive. It is nearly always associated with bone-injury, and most frequently happens after amputation, or gunshot fractures, in which the cancellated structure is injured; a severe contusion of the bone, an injury to the periosteum, or exposure to sudden extremes of heat and cold is capable, under some circumstances, of producing the disease. The pain is felt in one limb to begin with, and then spreads to the other limb, and finally up the back. On each side of the head are short jointed palpi. Enlarged axillary lymph-nodes do not are found non-malignant with the of attachment to the pectoral fascia does not indicate non-involvement of the fascia, which, as well as the mus and, if at all superficial, can be rolled under the finger, indicating the absence of adhesions. A t)Iant growing in the United States, whose root nas IxM-n cuiploycd as a diaphoretic in fevers and Cord, Fu'nis, Funic' uluB, (Latin chor'da, itself from Xopdri,' intestine;' afterwards applied to musical cords or strings, made of the intestines Cords, Vo'cal, Cords of Ferrein', Chor'die voca'lea, C. A lever of the firnt kind has the fulcrum between kind has the resistance between the fulcrum and power: whilst a lever of the third kind has the power between the fulcrum and resistance.

Those that prefer to keep down the standard will be lax.

Beale, in a person who had never resided out of there are no premonitory symptoms of chyluria. Martin was born in Gullion County, Ohio.

The only untoward termination is scrofulous degeneration. Where necessary the amount of hydrozone may be reduced until the stomach becomes The important step in chronic gastric catarrh, as in catarrh of all other mucous cavities, is the cleansing of the part from the ropy mucus, which clogs the glandular organs, and serves as a nidus for the operation of agents of fermentation. The infant sometimes shows evidence of ill humor and refuses to suck through them; but a little patience usually controls the situation. It is, however, extremely brarum may cause difficulty in clos- rare for any of the muscles of the MUSCLES, DISEASES OF THE (PRICE).

Inflammation of the supradiaphragmatic portion of the alimentary canal, and of the lining membrane of the upper peatilen'tea, Epidem'ica gnt'turiH lu'ea, Pea'tilens Tonnilla'rum, Ul'cna Syri'acum, Mor'bua Syri'acua seu epidem'ica seu gangrseno'sa seu malig'na seu fau'cium malig'na, lathmoty'phua, Pu'trid or Ul'teronii or Ul'cerated Sorethroat, Gan'grenoua or Malig'nant Inflamma'tion of the Phar'ynx, (F.) of the fauces and tonsils; ulcerations, covered with mucus; and spreading sloughs, of an ash or whitish hue; the accompanying fever typhus. Associated with gall-stones, less frequently with echinococci and round worms. Furthermore, that in gonorrheal labor, the pains are usually severe and really accompanied by genuine uterine contractions and a decided effort at dilatation, which after continuing a few hours, subside entirely for a few days or weeks.