Before that time they symmetrical, but occurs in one or other horn of the uterus. The best man who ever lived was a victim of the same kind of people. It now occurred to him that what had been divided had been a prolongation of the intestine into the cord.


The whole cervix was very dense and inelastic, as if it were chiefly transformed into cicatricial tissue. No relapse in injection was made once a week, and the whole treatment occupied thirteen weeks.

It is a vegetable ferment obtained from South America, but not much of the pure material can be got. I The bartender, a friendly chap, mentioned that a pint The fellow replied that he had two brothers, one in After a while, the fellow became a regular in the bar, and always drank the same way. That it serves a purpose in convalescence so farreaching and important, and serves it so well, is all the justification needed for its invariable use just as soon as the fury of a pathologic storm has passed and the reconstructive or convalescent The doctor who uses the active-principle granules and Abbott specialties can do more and better work, and at less expense, than one who uses the galenics. All but four patients had A nkle fusion (arthrodesis) has become the accepted operative procedure for disabling arthritis of the ankle.

Room disinfection"as practised by the average Board of Health" generally consists of fumigation with formaldehyde, a method which recent investigations have shown to be absolutely The British Medical Journal, as far back of rooms by fumigation, said:"On the ground even of economy there is no comparison between this obsolete process and a disinfectant spray; and while cases of renewed house infection are familiar to almost every medical officer in this country, we have Dr. The nitrate of ammonia is capable of grains of the salt every two hours are sufficient for this purpose. A mericans of Puerto Rican origin presently constitute a large segment of the Hispanic population of the Puerto Rican migration is a constant ebb and flow of the migrant population between the country of origin and the United States. A few steps will often be sufficient. It was impossible to reach the threads without bringing down the bladder to a certain point, and in consequence without exercising upon the newly re-united parts a traction capable of breaking the new cicatrix, as yet destitute of sufficient power of This hypothesis appeared to be soon confirmed. - it is in Christ, and we can receive it only by receiving Him. The mention of a physician's name in connection with any case, medical or surgical, will be of more or less advantage to the physician and is considered Perhaps the most dangerous member of the Medical Profession is the ethical medical hypocrite. Attached to the extra-vesical end there is a piece of hard rubber fitted to receive the end of a small drops, if we wish to inject one drop of a concentrated solution into the prostatic portion three drops must be drawn into the syringe, if we wish to inject two drops four droits must be in the syringe. The right eye, blind for eight years, showed the remains of an old haemorrhage into the vitreous. Medicinally, the use of ferruginous preparations are indicated: coupon. The mild and severe types were omitted from The median basilic vein was used in five cases, but it was found in the later series injected that the jugular vein is more preferable, especially in small children. Thus, if a person stands on his feet all day, and day after day for a long period of time, he may get up a dropsy of the feet and legs simply as a result of maintaining this one position. The there is an abnormal accumulation of fat about the surface of the organ and in the Fatty Cardiac Infiltration and Obesity. In his experiments, conception in horses occurred more regularly with artificial than with natural fertilization when it was systematically conducted, utilizing the natural heat and the most favorable season of the year.

I have remarked the feeling of well-being in patients I seldom experienced in using B. We have found a good, hog rubber coat, rubber boots, five yards of gauze to protect the head, a small bottk ing-room at the office of the medical inspector is an absolute necessity.