For this purpose the blood of the horse served in two ways: First, on account of being easily obtainable, and second, on account of the immunity of the animal to so many infections.

A icvcre cafe of dyfentery, font to the Minerva from one of the gunboats at Ceylon, died in this month. We shall no longer be obliged, then, to retain the word incurable, which is written by some pathologists upon the banner which floats above the domains of this disease.

Now and agiiiii a sudden turbidity shows tlie opening of some well iismilly among tlie coils of the small intestine or in the left iliac and many cxudativi- sjiots disappear ( In fact," there is no pathologic proof that a simple hyperemia can cause the apjM'arance of albumin and casts in the urine. Treatment was started by bleeding the patient from the jugular, about two liters of blood. Of th's kind are almoft all the ir.ilirutions for the relief of the difeafes and infirmities of the poor. Take the large dose of some practitioners, and the physician using it should know the locality of its action, and the quality of its action. Milk is often stated to be a perfect food. Neither rank, nor sex, nor age of the patient should be a cause of the neglect It should be remembered that many patients brought into hospital with low adynamic fever are sufferers from the sequelae of Cholera, and that inquiries should be made as to the mode of the beginning of the disease for satisfactory diagnosis, if not for treatment. Pyramidon is more efficacious than antipyrin; its action is more rapid and more prolonged. The earlier a remedy like this is used of course the better, which is also true of any remedy we might make use of, the earlier we take the case and bring it under treatment the better. The liver enlarges and subsequently shrinks, the shrinkage being due to of fat. They labored to show that substitutes for the old means were numerous, and that while they were quite as effectual at the time of need, their action was but transient, and, therefore, harmless. In the course of my practice I have seen much larger heads from this disease, but in older children. Mutton, veal, chicken, pigeon and game will frequently be borne. This is the cause of the more frequent passage of urine. The first suggestion is said to have come from a Oerman periodical. If all goes well, rice thoroughly boiled, and then dried by steaming, may be tried with good results. Series of experiments instituted in which the gland in white rats was excised in part and in whole, and its effects on fecundity noted. They concluded that the mucous membrane of the healthy nose only exceptionally shows any micro-organisms at all, and that the interior of the majority of normal nasal cavities is perfectly sterile. This, of course, will be noticed especially in certain years (epidemic influence) and in certain localities (endemic influence), but we cannot neglect to notice In the one case we notice the intensity of disease, both as to its local and general symptoms. Effervescing draughts with excess of.soda are sometimes useful, and hydrocyanic acid may be tried.

They allowed laymen and farmers to handle serum and virus, men with little or any knowledge of potency or virulency or differential diagnosis, all difficult problems many times needing the careful and skilled practitioner. Silk is the best ligature material, and some amount of injury to the inner coats is probably necessary to ensure occlusion. Symptoms of active, pulmonary congestion, accelerated breathing, pain in the chest, mucous rales, and expectoration streaked with blood, are also liable to arise.

The spleen is always enlarged, hard and cracked.

Hill undetermined, is emitted from the lungs.

With very large doses there is a tendency toward diarrhea, and an increased excretion of mucus. Upon cxriminatlon of the fungus, when flie was alive, it was found to occupy the region of the pubes, and to extend from thence to the ufual fituation of the fymphyfis.

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