The experiments show that this singular morbid excretion contains an acid, which is neither carbonic, phosphoric, nor sulphuric; and, what our readers will hardly expect, that the black vomit may be smclled, tasted, and swallowed, without inducing yellow fever, or even" Dr. J, Hastings and Graham Chambers attend the annual meeting of the Xew York State Medical Society in Buffalo the last of the month. The patient is instructed to spread the plastic by means of a stiff knife on a sheet of connon muslin (sheeting'), -"like butter on bread," and apply a sufficiently large piece of the spread plaster, say one to two inches square, centrally over the boil. Right auricle and ventricle, and the left auricle and ventricle, the action of which we have studied separately, in reality form only one organ, which in the The auricles contract and dilate together; the same thing takes place with the ventricles, whose movements are simultaneous.

In fact, I felt much better at night than I did in those instances in which I indulged myself in eating two pounds of food a day. The root is somewhat greater in diameter than the shaft, and cylindrical in form, while its lower part expands into an oval mass, called the hulh. The early chapters deal with the theory of both scalar and vector electrocardiography. WHILE cholera was prevailing in our large towns and cities, and a few cases were occurring and proving fatal in my own neighborhood, a friend of mine, who had till recently been a sea captain, complained, one day, of cholera symptoms, and begged to know what he could do to ward off the threatened On inquiry I found he was more than half right, that cholera, surely enough, was already marking him for its victim.

On the seemed better, though no very marked change had occurred disease in both apices. Its high and healthy situation, its pure air, and the picturesque neighbourhood of Tolz, have also a very Dr. It put an end to" the factious opposition of persons who knew nothing on the subject, and yet declared that no good result could be obtained unless anchylosis occurred, and that this was so rare, that the operation must therefore be considered unadvisable." Since seeing the good result of this case, he (Mr.

He had never had any pain of any consequence in it. The vas deferens is the ex Second, Vasotomy applied to both vasa deferentia. The same practice was in use in other ships, and with great benefit to the crews. Besides, what was to be done must be done quickly; so I boldly prescribed. It was agreed, in consultation -with the other two Practitioners in attendance, that, to save the life of the mother, it was necessary, without delay, to have recourse to the perforator and crotchet. Notice, there may be hanged a little bag of Spices in this distilled Water, and it may be swetened as taken." half an ounce, dissolve in it half a drachm of Camphor: add to them half an ounce of spirits of Turpentine, and half a drachm of Opium, A drop or two of this Liquor put into a hollow tooth with some lint, easeth the toothache presently. Its action on bacilli in false membranes is very weak under any circumstances. There was no change after one month hyperemia of the left mainstem bronchus, and aspiration revealing many ciliated cells of typical appearance, a diagnosis of bronchogenic abscess was made. Cold water infused on pale bark for some hours, acquires a bitter taste, with some share of its odour; when assisted by a moderate heat, the water takes up more of the active matter; by decoction, a fluid, deep coloured, of a bitter styptic taste, is obtained, which, when cold, deposites a precipitate of resinous matter and gallic acid. After the patient, who was of the Je-wish persuasion, had fasted for twenty-four hours on KeconcUiation-day (September), the tits returned with increased severity. The dry sulphuret readiest way of obtaining barytes water is"to boil the solution of the sulphuret with deutoxyde of copper, which seizes the sulphur, while the hydrogen dies oil, and the barytes remains dissolved. The practice is now by many condemned as mischievous.

The following is an account of what has been done by the According to our most recent information there are, besides trician and several of the laboratory assistants are also on service, and their places are being kept for them. Some years later, when he had risen to a higher niche in political life, he visited the Medical School and Hospital for the first time, was most enthusiastic about what he saw, and congratulated us sincerely, I am sure, on the work we were doing. In spite of difficulties and discouragements that were neither few nor slight, you have maintained the vision of a great medical school, the worthy part of a great university; and it is through your whole-hearted and disinterested devotion and labor, that the foundation of such an institution has been laid.