In view of the general labor shortages the retention aspect of the AAHC findings becomes of paramount importance. PEDROZA,Vadras Establishment, is appointed to (.he medica ordered to do duty m the Eastoiu District, and to be in medical charge of th Madrls Infantry Depot and European Artillery Veteran Comiany Hospitals a duty with the Indian Contingent. Rs writes: I am frequently asked by parents for certilicates in cases where"ilitMto of a parent. In these there was an undoubtedly favorable action of the salvarsan, especially upon "" the paralysis of the internal muscles of the eye.

Revised and brought up to date, with several Nrw Departments embodying the most Electro-Thearpeutic Association; Member of the American Medical Associa The first edition of Bigelows ElectroTherapeutics was favorably described in this Journal several years ago. The pediatrician placed grippe as probably the most frequent cause of otitis media and next to this pneumonia. Somewhat akin to the foregoing, in the liability to inilict injury, is the reprehensible carelessness of iudividu.-ils, temporarily in charge of sticks and umbrellas. To such a state of things the term pyonephrosis is sometimes (though not desirably) applied. Physic whicii had operated during the day. Same signs and symptoms: it may be acute, chronic, or irregular. Ludwig, MD, Pittsburgh, was inducted as president of the Psychiatric Physicians of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Psychiatric Society.

One hundred thousand tons are annually consumed insoluble in nitric acid. TV the ditfcrent parts of Italy in which cholera has, so far,.shown itLlfhrnumber of cases during the week has been considerable. Zeit, MD (Philadelphia); Edward M. Indications and Surgical Treatment (To be continued).

Such cases, he was satisfied, came under his definition. In the absence of an accurate urinometer the specific gravity may be taken by balanciag a small glass vessel on the dispensing-scales and delivering into it from a pipette ten or more cubic centimetres of the urine.

Horner observed the frequent throwing off of the"epithelial" alimentary canal, with some of the albumen and fibrin; also the contents of the blooel-cells tretnsuele into the serum. In either case the technique is more or less similar to that Schreiber mixes the salvarsan in a graduated leads to the salvarsan and the other to the vein. There was smart haemorrhage from the corpus spongiosum, and all the structures were ranch bruised and discoloured by clot, but there was no urine or foul fluid evacuated. When both tracings are equally limited in their ascending course, the reduced amplitude must be cases the in.spiratory depressions occurred irregularly, separated by groups of normal This explanation is at any rate in harmony with Revilkt's interpretation of the same respiratory type, observed directly in the supraclavicular fossae, thoroughly studied by the said author with the aid of autopsies and It is not difficult to conceive that through the technique described it will be possible to detect silent pleuritic adhesions, nor does it seem possible to underrate the value of the data thus obtainable from a diagnostic point of view, since in the early stages of the disease in question, pleural processes are of frequent occurrence, passing, however, unnoticed as a rule when pulmonary disorders do not coexist capable of generating the characteristic fine or large crepitations. Lawson said that while of great value, probably of more value than any other sign, it was not altogether safe to trust to temperature indications entirely. It is no exaggeration to say that nine men out of every ten, who have not gone beyond the licence, are profoundly ignorant of what constitutes good as distinguished from bad drainage, and could not, without reference to a book, estimate the suitability of a dormitory for a given number of schoolboys, as calculated by cubic measurement and renewal of the atmosphere.

The quick succession of impressions, therefore, in the revolution of the disk, blends all the colors into one, and the result is whiteness. He admitted that he was better during the treatment than he was before, or had been since he stopped, but it hurt him too bad Dr. A Few of our Many Testimonials.

After that, the continuance or relief of the bronchial symptoms must determine whether some other expectorant (as squills or wild cherry) shall follow.

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