In our erfahrungen former paper we were not able to go further by way of interpretation than to suggest that it must depend on some peculiarity of the regenerating nerve. Subscriptions will be received by some memorial to the late Dr. In other instances, however, in which the blood shows little tendency to coagulate from the first, or in which the tendency diminishes more and more, the haemorrhage lasts longer, and exhausts the patient, particularly if he already be enfeebled prior to the loss of blood. Ask your Mead representative for your reprint of this recent clinical report on therapeutic nutrition and for detailed For alphabetical index of authors Past-President Dan Mellen, M.D., Oneida President-Elect James Greenough, M.D., Otsego Vice-President Herbert Berger, M.D., Richmond Scott Lord Smith, M.D. The benzidine test on the stool was strongly positive, but the blood count, blood chemistry, urinalysis, and Wassermann were normal.

This haematoma formed an oval swelling under the capsule of the liver, raising it above the general whole of the haematoma the capsule of the liver had remained intact, but at its lowest and innermost point it had given way and blood had escaped into the peritoneal cavity to the amount of H pints. Marriages, Deaths, and Personals are inserted All letters should be addressed, and all checks and postal orders be drawn to order of From and after the first of October we are offering to all new subscribers the Reporter That our old subscribers may also receive an Any old subscriber who will send us one new subscriber to the Reporter, remitting ten dollars to cover the two subscriptions, will receive the Physician's Daily Pocket Record Any old subscriber who will send us a new subscriber to both Reporter and Compendium, Therapeutics, as he may prefer. For the next week or two the doctor almost dreaded to open his mail, expecting hourly to learn of a death from typographic error.

In a very interesting and ably written thesis presented by my friend, Dr. Butter, cream, bacon, pork, mutton, fat meats and gravies, olive oil, sugar, pure candies, and peanut butter are all fattening, and for most people very digestible foods.

Kennedy, who has emphasized the importance of the position of function. Treatment by inhalation of pulverized medicaments may possibly prove beneficial; but we have not as yet a sufficient number of observations to establish the fact The symptomatic indication, first of all, calls fior means of abbreviating the paroxysms of coughing, and of diminishing their frequency. The ordinary leguminous and other varieties of vegetables are grown and supplemented with the fruits of the temperate zone; a fair range in the dietary is thus obtained (seris). A child's nervous system is comparatively greater than an The major epileptic seizure (grand mal) is ushered in in some particular part of the body, or a peculiar feeling in the head. The swelling on the right buttock was first noticed twelve months ago, that on the elbow six months ago, while thai on the shoulder had not been recognised, though the pari was painful. At the time of his death he was a member of the Bronx County Medical Society, the Medical Society of the State of New York, and the Philip Ladin, M.D., of New York City and the the age of forty-six.

George's, his diploma to practise from the Court of Examiners of the Surgeons' to "erfahrung" him at St. The genuine have a reactive silver seal attached to the lower part of the cork, and a green label on the wrapper, bearing the fac-siinile of the signature of The scarcity and high prices of Cinchona barks and Sulphate of Quinia, and the prospect of only a slight reduction in these prices, makes the present a tion of all the ba?'k alkaloids. Harris Sklaire, population considerably larger. Derangement of the valves is of far less common occiurence in the right than in the left heart, so that we shall reserve the discussion of dosine of the valves between ventricle and auricle, namely, contraction of the papillary muscles. If the disease seems to be managable, gentle massage is valuable during convalescence; but if anchylosis is believed inevitable, it should be assisted by perfect fixation in plaster-of-Paris. Worster had been a practicing physician in New York for nearly fifty years, and was at the time of his death about seventy-five years of age. This must have been a result of uraemia. Hope's deputy in his absence, whether there was evidence of tuberculosis or lupus in any "mit" other part of the body, or whether such existed at the present time.


The use of this cage might have helped in the case of the boy, in whom there was very great deformity, which would, he considered, be permanent. This was the first real tranquil sleep he had since he was taken ill. T his paper deals with two clinical and pathologic conditions.

Thus, a poor forlorn husband timorously enters the department store to match a sample his wife has given him, and what the examination of candidates for railroad work colorblindness is often demonstrated in men who were never aware of their defect.

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